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You use your design impressive talents to visually bring the essence of a brand to life – so don’t waste your efforts designing invoices to be paid for your great work! We have a variety of easy-to-use, fully customizable invoice templates ready for you to use in Word, Excel, PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. These templates will save you valuable time and energy so you can get back to your design work.

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Choose the best invoice template for your logo design business

Logo design

Download, customize, and send this invoice to all your logo design clients. You can easily add lines for all the details, such as thumbnails, color selections, and original illustrations. Make all your invoices as effective as your logos!

Agency clients

Don’t waste time and energy designing invoices for your different agency clients. Use your time to create one-of-a-kind logos for your clients instead. This free template can be customized to meet all your agency invoicing needs.

Corporate clients

You capture the essence and personality of a brand in an eye-catching, highly memorable logo. Make sure you are being compensated for your unique skills by sending this professional invoice to all your corporate clients for fast, accurate payment.


Designing a distinctive logo and repurposing it for letterheads, signage, and packaging is a combination of your creative skills and your technical expertise. Use this free invoice template to make sure you are paid accurately for your complex work.

Graphic design

If you provide other graphic design services beyond logo design, this invoice template can be tailored to describe all the details. It’s as flexible as you are, and will help you get paid on time for your outstanding design work.

If you provide other creative services beyond logo design, our invoice template for graphic designers can be tailored to describe all the details. It’s as flexible as you are, and will help you get paid on time for your outstanding design work.

Alternatives to using logo design invoice templates

Make your logo design business a success by finding out more about what Wave can offer you. Save time and take even more work off your hands by trying our free automated invoicing and powerful accounting.

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Why logo designers should send professional invoices

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As a logo designer you need to invoice your clients for your creative development work, as well as the skill you use to meet the technical requirements of their logo. A lot of times you don't work alone and instead collaborate with graphic designers, web developer and web designers.

That means you need to reflect your specialized service in a way your clients will understand, while still accurately detailing the scope of the logo work you have done.

A well-designed, clear invoice also reflects on your image as a designer – and reinforces your own reputation and brand.

How to fill out your logo design invoice

Once you've downloaded your free invoice template, you'll need to customize it to fit your specific business. Here are the 10 key things to include on your invoice:

  1. Title and Description: Name the project and briefly describe what type of work your client is being invoiced for.
  2. Company Details: Add your company name, address, phone number, and logo to the top-right corner.
  3. Customer Details: Under "Bill To", add your customer's name, address, and contact information.
  4. Invoice Number: Include a unique invoice number to help you track down this invoice in the future. You can format this based on sequence and customer. For example, if you're sending your very first customer their first invoice,  the invoice number could be 001-001.
  5. Dates: Include the date when your invoice has been issued and the date when payment is due.
  6. Line Item: Add individual line items for each unique good or service you provided. For each line item, include a brief description, quantity, individual unit price, and total price.
  7. Subtotal: Add up the subtotal of your goods or services, before tax has been applied.
  8. Tax: Indicate the tax rate applied to the subtotal. This is legally required to provide on invoices, and your rate may differ depending on where you run your business.
  9. Total: Outline the total amount due from the customer, after tax.
  10. Notes: Include any additional info your customer should know, including terms of service and payment terms (for example, payments are due 30 days after the invoice has been issued).

What should be included on an invoice for logo designers

Your passion is great logo design, not administrative tasks like invoicing. Make sure you are paid properly for your hard work by following these quick steps.

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  • Look through our great variety of attractive invoice templates in different designs and colors, and pick the one you like best in the format you want – Word, Excel, PDF, Google Docs, or Google Sheets
  • Download the free invoice template
  • Add your business name and contact information
  • Insert your own beautifully-designed logo and any other of your original business graphics
  • Put in your client’s name and contact information
  • Create a unique invoice number and add it on
  • Add the date of the invoice and the payment due date
  • Outline the details of the logo development work you have provided, as well as any other design services, with either your hourly or flat rates for each service
  • You can easily add lines for additional information, or take lines out. The invoice can be customized to meet your exact needs
  • If you are including a discount for a regular agency or corporate client, or as an incentive to a first-time client to generate more work – add a line explaining the discount so your client knows they are getting a great rate for your specialized talent
  • Calculate the total price for the logo design, including applicable tax, and list the total at the bottom of the invoice
  • Include your payment terms, such as the methods of payment you accept
  • It’s always a good business practice to add a special line at the end. Thank the client for their business, or share a personal note about how much you enjoyed working on their logo
  • Save the invoice for your records – then send it off to your client!

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When is the right time to send an invoice to your logo design clients

Some logo designers ask for payment upon final approval of the logo design. If you do this, make sure you are paid as soon as possible by sending your invoice along with the final design.

But sometimes logo development can span a long period of time, especially if the client is using focus groups for feedback, or if many people need to approve the design.

You need to keep revenue coming in, so if the project is going to take several weeks, or even months, to complete – you have options. You can ask for a percentage of the estimated cost up front, with the remainder upon completion, or you could send in regular, monthly invoices.

Whatever payment method you choose, make sure it is clearly noted on each invoice, and clarify what portion of the final ‘cost’ has been paid to date.

Illustration of hourglass timer

Quick invoicing tips for logo design professionals

Always include a ‘payment due’ date

Encourage on-time payment with a firm indication of when you expect payment, without sounding too aggressive.

Send your invoice to your client contact

If you are doing logo development for a large company, always add an “Attention to:” line on your invoice so it is sent to the right contact. You don’t want your invoice ending up in the wrong hands and causing avoidable delays.

Make sure your contact info is correct and accessible

Make it as easy as possible for your clients to pay you. Your up-to-date contact information should be the first thing they see at the top of your invoice (along with your distinctive logo – of course!)

Keep a record of your work with numbered invoices

It’s not hard to do, and numbered invoices will help you keep track of how much money is coming into your logo design business so you can manage your finances. It also adds to your professionalism by having an organized system in place.

If you can – accept a variety of payment methods

Another way to make it easy to get paid is by offering several payment options. Look into e-Transfers, debit card payments, and direct deposits. Your clients will appreciate the flexibility, and you can get that revenue coming in as quickly as possible.

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