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You design great websites that attract eyeballs and drive traffic – so why are you spending so much time on administrative tasks like invoicing? Sure – you need to get paid for your outstanding work – but there is an easier way. We have a great selection of elegant and polished invoice templates created especially for web designers. Available in Word, Excel, PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets, these easy-to-use invoice templates include everything you need to bill your clients for your web design work.

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Web design

Great web design takes time, expertise, and lots of creativity. This invoice template will capture the costs for everything you have put into the project. Make sure you are properly compensated for your creative work!

Special event web design

You know how to create an eye-catching website that helps promote special events or programs. Now it’s time to promote yourself by using this invoice template to bill for all your hard work.

Web design refresh

Don’t waste your time and energy on invoicing. Focus on refreshing that tired old website and turning it into something dynamic and new. This free template makes an impact by helping you get paid properly for your skill and expertise.

Complete web redesign

Love creating engaging and effective website re-designs for your clients – but not thrilled about designing an invoice for your work? Make invoicing a breeze with this easy-to-use and beautifully designed invoice template.

Web design functionality

You match technology with design principles to create websites that are as functional as they are beautiful. Now borrow a little technology for yourself by customizing this invoice template to send professional invoices to all your clients.

Alternatives to using web design invoice templates

Make your web design business a success by finding out more about what Wave can offer you. Save time and take even more administrative work off your hands by trying our free automated invoicing and powerful accounting.

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Why web designers should send professional invoices

Illustration of invoice being sent

As a web designer, you provide a unique mixture of the creative and the technical to make websites eye-catching and unique, as well as functional. You have a specialized skill and you need to reflect the expertise you provide in a way your clients will understand. So while you need to make your invoice simple and clear, it must accurately detail the complexity of your work at the same time.

Your invoices should also be as well designed as your web work. The best look is polished and professional – but with an extra touch of style to reflect your talent as a designer.

What should be included on an invoice for web designers

Whether you are building graphics, animation or designing a completely new website, follow these steps to be paid fairly for your work!

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  • Browse through the variety of clean and elegant web design templates we offer and choose the one in the design and color that connects with your design sensibility
  • Download your free template in the format you want, such as Word, Excel, PDF, Google Docs, or Google Sheets
  • Add in your business name, phone number, email address, and other contact information
  • Insert your beautifully designed logo and website address, and while you’re at it – add in a link to some of your original design work
  • Insert your client’s name and contact information
  • Add in a unique invoice number
  • Add the date of the invoice and the payment due date
  • List all the design services and related work you provided, along with descriptions and the cost for each
  • Add lines to include any special features the client requested. The template is completely customizable!
  • If you are including a discount, add a line explaining the discount so your client knows they are receiving a great deal
  • Calculate the total price of the project, including applicable tax, and list the total at the bottom of the invoice
  • Include your payment terms, such as the methods of payment you accept
  • If you like, add in a note at the end to thank your client for the business, or to tell them how much you enjoyed designing their website
  • Make sure to save a copy of the invoice for your records – and send the invoice off to your client

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When is the right time to send an invoice to your web design clients?

Some web designers ask for payment upon completion of a project. If this is your preference, get paid as soon as possible by sending your invoice along when you deliver the finished product. That way your clients can see exactly what they are paying for.

Sometimes large web design projects can take a long period of time, spanning over weeks or months and require significant design and web development work. If you want to keep revenue coming in, you have options. You can ask for a percentage of the estimated cost upfront, with the remainder on completion, or you could send over monthly invoices. Whatever payment cadence you choose, make sure to reflect that on each invoice, and clarify what portion of the final “cost” has been paid to date.

Illustration of hourglass timer

Invoicing tips for web design professionals

Keep a record with numbered invoices

It’s a simple thing to do but it helps you keep track of how much money is coming in. An organized system also shows clients how professional you are. For large web design jobs, such as a complete website redesign, it’s a good idea to also include a job code if the work is going to be spread out over a long period of time and involves several invoices.

Include a ‘payment due’ date

Make it crystal clear when you expect payment. Adding a payment due date is a professional way of enforcing your expectations without being too aggressive.

Make sure your contact info is correct and accessible

Make it as easy as possible for your clients to pay you by knowing where to reach you! Make sure your contact information can’t be missed.

Accept a variety of payment methods

You are adept with design technology – so why not embrace the latest payment technologies? Accept e-Transfers, direct bank deposits, and other online payment options to make it as convenient as possible to get paid quickly.

Send your invoice to your contact

If you are doing a web design project for a large company, always add an “Attention to:” line on your invoice so it is sent to the right person. You don’t want your invoice to get lost on someone else’s desk and have your payment delayed.

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