Change Connect + Wave: strategy meets simplicity

Agnes Lan runs a successful consulting business building strategies for small- and medium-sized businesses, guiding them through the transformation every step of the way. Her company helps those businesses scale and run more efficiently, but sometimes her team needs tools to help them work smarter, too. That’s where Wave comes in.

Change is in the air

Agnes became the Director of Business Development at Change Connect, a boutique consulting company, about eight years ago. Change Connect offers something called ‘transformation as a service,’ meaning they specialize in building change management strategies. When businesses are looking to grow, Change Connect analyzes data and figures out what they need to do to achieve their goals.

“When we designed the formula for Change Connect, we pretty much had the best of both worlds, where we're doing strategy work for small to mid-sized businesses, and we also make sure that people implement the change,” Lan says. “That's our biggest thing, and our value proposition at Change Connect: we're not there to just sell you the strategy, we're really there to help you with the change and the transformation.”

Staying organized and efficient

Consulting is a very demanding job with long hours—and you only get paid for billable work. That means Agnes and her colleagues need to have systems in place to make their bookkeeping and paperwork quick and efficient, so they can maximize the time they have to spend on the client work that brings in revenue.

Change Connect works with a bookkeeper and an accountant, but they also use Wave to help keep track of their transactions so that they’re getting the most out of that investment. Wave helps business owners keep their sales and expenses perfectly organized, which is huge in the eyes of accounting professionals.

It’s also customizable to different business models, something that Agnes is a big fan of:

“Wave allows me to invoice myself as I need to, rather than go on a regular invoicing cycle,” Lan says. “So the bookkeeper and accountant will take care of things during the cycle, but if there's some sort of invoicing need or deposit that we have to track, it allows us to manage that stuff off the cycle much easier.”

Another benefit for Agnes is that they can take credit card payments through Wave, which they hadn’t done previously. Being able to offer different payment options to clients demonstrates strong customer service, which helps build those long-term relationships that are so important in consulting:

“We've had a few requests lately to [offer credit card payments] and we were able to accommodate that fairly easily using Wave, because there's a pay-per-use fee rather than a subscription service.”

Looking to the future

Change Connect is focused on helping other businesses grow, but they’re working toward a bigger future for themselves at the same time:

“We want to grow strategically, when it's the right time to grow, with the right team,” Lan says. “We want to keep helping organizations to do better in sales, because there is still a lot of education out there. Sales can really be systematized. There are tools out there to help people with sales [and] sales recruitment. There's so much out there in the world of sales that we can help small to mid-sized businesses thrive with.”

Agnes loves:


Create and send unlimited, professional invoices from home, the office, or on the go.


Connect your bank accounts, balance your books, and be ready for tax time.


Accept credit cards and bank payments (EFT) for as little as 1% per transaction.