Geek Girls in Vegas + Wave: Technology meets Transparency

One of the hardest parts of running a business isn’t bringing that big idea to life. It’s all the stuff you have to do well on top of the thing you love in order for your dream to thrive. Lisa Smith knows this well. Not only is she an entrepreneur herself, she built a successful consulting business serving artists and performers who struggle with technology and marketing. It’s no surprise that Lisa looks for tools to help make the financial side of her business easier so she can focus on what she does best—just like she does for her clients.

There’s no business like show business

Lisa got the idea for Geek Girls in Vegas after seeing a gap in the market for agencies specializing in serving artists. In today’s day and age, it’s increasingly important for singers, dancers, and other types of artists and performers, to market themselves online. Having a website and social media presence helps them find new clients and build their personal brand.

That’s something Lisa understands well. After all, she herself has been a Las Vegas jazz singer and entrepreneur since leaving Delaware at the age of 18 to pursue her dreams. Her background as a performer combined with her tech skills put her in the perfect position to help other artists, as she already understood their needs and pain points from her own experience. Along with her friend, freelancer Karen Michaels, her company helps artists with website building, graphic design, online marketing, and social media.

"In addition to being performers, we're also geeks—we love technology,” Lisa says. “[It] started from being a performer and creating my own website and promotional materials. And then friends just started asking me if I could do it for them as well."

What you see is what you get

While Lisa loves to geek out on technology, she’s not so keen on doing her accounting. That’s where Wave came in and helped her build an efficient bookkeeping process for her business, while making everything easier. One of the biggest selling points for Lisa was the fact that Wave is truly free and there are no hidden fees. That’s a big deal because fair pricing is important to her. In fact, she loves how Wave’s invoicing tool is built in a way that lets her keep her pricing transparent for her clients, so they understand exactly what they’re paying for.

“When I use the invoicing, I type everything out very clearly,” Lisa says. “They can see exactly what I'm going to do in the memo, exactly what I'm charging them for. There are no hidden fees. There's nothing that isn't easily understandable or seen.”

Over time, Lisa’s main goal became being more efficient with running her business. Wave helps keep her organized, and that saves her a lot of time—especially when she thinks back to the days where she used a spreadsheet or a Word doc to track her finances. Another great point for Lisa is getting paid fast through Wave’s online payments system.

“They can do it right from their phone,” Lisa says. “I’m collecting payments now a lot more quickly than I was before.”

On the road again

Lisa still performs, of course, and runs Beyond Talent Productions. She plans on hitting the road with her husband soon, travelling the country and wowing crowds along the way. And Wave has helped make that dream a possibility. With her business set up to run from the road, Lisa can take payments and send invoices via the mobile app, so she can do what she loves at the same time as, well, doing the other thing she loves! And that certainly sounds like something worth singing about.

Lisa loves:


Create and send unlimited, professional invoices from home, the office, or on the go.


Connect your bank accounts, balance your books, and be ready for tax time.