Benefits and Perks

Keeping track of various benefits and perks for a company can be tricky. But it can also be a strong tool to attract and retain talent.

This document is a template for you to create and explain your approach to benefits and perks as part of your employee handbook. You can read below or download it as a PDF here.

Note that we have specified in [brackets] areas that you should change yourself, such as inserting your company name or adding more detail.

Note: this template is not a legal document and does not consider local, state-specific, national, or international laws. Each state and locality may have very different laws and policies. So please consult an employment lawyer in your state to approve your benefits and perks, and your employee handbook as a whole.

What's included in this article:

  • Accidents and compensation
  • Using company equipment
  • Expense policy and reporting
  • Remote work and working from home
  • Parking spots

Health and Wellness

Your health and well-being is our highest priority. We take every step that we can to ensure the best health possible for our employees. That helps us to be the best business that we can be.

We provide several benefits to ensure that you can maintain and improve your health including:

  • A health insurance plan for employees
  • A company policy on drug consumption and smoking
  • A healthy workplace

At [company name] we are also an equal opportunity employer [link to workplace policies again] which means that we don't discriminate based on disabilities or health conditions. If you are severely impaired and prevented from doing your job due to an accident, we will work with you the best that we can to ensure you can heal and get what you need.

Accidents and compensation

No matter how safe you are, there is always a possibility that accidents can happen at work. At [company name], we do everything that we can to provide a safe workplace, as detailed in our workplace policies [link to workplace policies under health and safety].

But if an accident does happen, you can count on continued wages and medical care provided according to US worker compensation laws and our employee healthcare plan. Please speak directly to your manager if you are injured so that you can submit the required paperwork.

Note that we follow the guidelines of our state [insert state], which includes the following provisions. [Mention any specific references or important laws from your state. You may also want to include the details of your state's worker compensation boards. You can find your state worker's compensation board here.]

Using company equipment

Depending on your role and job function, you may be given or required to use company equipment. The equipment could include a company phone, computer, or other devices. It could also include office stationery and furniture, or a wide variety of items.

In any case, if we give you something to use, it means that it belongs to the company and is not for your personal use or profit. Please do not sell or distribute items from our company without permission.

Please take care of company equipment. Do your best to follow provided instructions and to maintain its condition. If equipment is damaged, please tell your manager immediately.

If equipment is stolen, please tell your manager immediately. We may submit a statement to the police and may be able to find the equipment.

Also, a reminder to keep devices secure. You can find more about our policies on security from our [link to workplace policy] document.

Expense policy and reporting

In your day to day role, it's possible that you'll incur expenses on behalf of the company. In some cases, we may pay those expenses directly using our company funds or credit card. But in other cases, you may incur those expenses on your personal cards or using your own money.

If you personally pay for work-related expenses, please keep track of them and keep or scan the receipts.

We will reimburse expenses that are for work-related activities including:

  • Travel
  • Events and social outings
  • Education
  • Client meetings/needs
  • Necessary office supplies

Note, we have strict guidelines on travel, such as taking a reasonably economic and direct route (typically economy seats on planes). And while travelling you are certainly free to pursue other activities as time permits, non-work related activities may not be expensed. And in general, alcohol is not to be expensed unless for a specific company event.

You can submit expenses to your manager using our expense software [insert software that you use] within a month of making the expense. It should then be approved and received by your next paycheck.

Remote work and working from home

Our company allows employees to work remotely or from home on an occasional basis. In a typical work week, that might be one or two days. Please discuss this with your manager.

While working remotely or from home, you are required to be:

  • Accessible at all times by phone
  • Alert and focussed on work
  • Not unnecessarily distracted by other tasks or home activity
  • Have a strong, stable internet connection
  • Be using company equipment and/or a secure connection [e.g. VPN, more below]

If you are injured or suffering from a disability, you will be reasonably accommodated and this may include remote work. Please talk to your manager.

Outside of a usual arrangement, for example regularly working remotely on a Wednesday, please ask your manager at least 48 hours in advance if you are able to work remotely.

All company policies apply while you are working remotely, including data protection, confidentiality, and our security policies. [It is possible that you will be required to log in to a company VPN to secure your internet traffic while working remotely.] Please contact your manager with any questions about this.

Parking spots

You may be assigned a parking space as needed, though employees with disabilities will be prioritized. If you want a parking spot, please ask your manager.

Please only use your assigned parking spot.

The company is not responsible for and assumes no liability for the security of vehicles in the parking lot, including any accidents, damage, fires, or stolen items from employee vehicles.

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