Top 9 reasons Wavers love Wave

November 16, 2019
5 minutes read

It's Wave's 9th birthday!

We know that Wavers love Wave — but as you’ll see below, most of the reasons revolve around Wavers’ passion for customers and each other.

We asked Wavers “what do you love about working at Wave?” Here are 9 of our favorite answers!

9. Always learning

“I love learning something new every day -- from customers and from fellow Wavers” - Oliver Mathias, Tax Associate

8. “The best group of humans in Toronto!” - Angie Dobbs, Director of Fraud and Risk

7. The entrepreneurial mindset

“I love the fact that a lot of people here have been/are entrepreneurs themselves. So, to some extent, we have that entrepreneurial mindset going into each problem we want to solve for.” - Dan Ioanițescu, Senior Designer

6. Support from others

“The eagerness with which Wavers share, support and grow one another” - Andrew Baldanza, UX Researcher

5. Helping customers save time and grow their businesses.

We love our customers! Learn more about how we strive to help them follow their dreams.

4. Bringing customers' visions to life

“I love playing a small part in helping small business owners bring their vision to life” - Laura Kavanagh, Lifecycle Marketing Manager

3. The dogs!

Psylocke sporting the Wave blue colors!

2. “Ok seriously, the customers, the people.... and the dogs”

“The dogs! But seriously: Working with such smart, humble and interesting people." - Helenja Wolfaardt, Talent Acquisition Manager

1. Company values

"I love that the people actively practice the values that the company is about" -Jess Dam, Customer Support Specialist

All of us at Wave are honored to celebrate our 9th anniversary of empowering entrepreneurs and changing the way small businesses manage their finances. To all our customers and partners, we say, “thank you!” And if you are interested in careers at Wave, check out our core beliefs and our open positions.

By Susan Tormollen - VP, Marketing

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