Real stories of grit, passion, and success

These small business owners came out on top—with a little help from Wave along the way.

Blossomers Media + Wave: vision meets versatility

Read about the evolution of Blossomers Media and how Wave has played a role in Dori and Joey's dreams of entrepreneurship.

Steel & Oak Designs + Wave: artistry meets adaptability

Learn how Wave’s free accounting software helps Steel & Oak Designs stay in control of their business with competing priorities and an unpredictable cash flow.

Change Connect + Wave: strategy meets simplicity

Learn how Agnes uses Wave to build stronger relationships with her clients and keep her sales and expenses organized.

Geek Girls in Vegas + Wave: technology meets transparency

Learn how Lisa uses Wave to take care of the financial burden of running a business, so she can focus on better serving her customers.

Happy Pops + Wave: sweetness meets sophistication

Learn how Wave’s intuitive design and mobile apps help Leila stay on top of her business while on-the-go.

Pomarosa + Wave: chaos meets comfort

Learn how Vivian and Luis made their dream business a reality and found comfort in Wave’s simplified and automated payroll system.

Power4Teens + Wave: passion meets productivity

Shyanne went on a journey from self-doubt to success, as she turned her passion for youth fitness into a thriving company with big dreams for the future.

Mike Reisacher Productions + Wave: inspiration meets integration

Mike was a reluctant entrepreneur, but he was driven to make it in the film industry—even if it took him out of his comfort zone.