Growing the Wave partner ecosystem

November 9, 2018
5 minutes read

Learn more about how Wave’s partner program is developing new and exciting ways to automate and grow your business.

Since 2010, the Wave community has grown to become the pulse of 3.5 million businesses globally. To support continued success for brave entrepreneurs like you, we’re investing in partnerships to help connect the apps and tools you use most to Wave, giving you a fuller picture of your business’s performance.

So whether you’re looking to reduce tasks, get professional advice, or connect your banking, our partner program is growing with you to help you simplify and automate your work, so you can focus on what matters most.

Here are some of the ways Wave is growing to support you.


Our commitment to our customers is ensuring they have access to the best productivity and business tools to effectively run their business. We’re investing in building new partnerships and direct integrations for the future, while making our APIs publicly available so that developers can build on top of Wave.

If you’re a developer interested in being a part of this exciting venture, then you can sign up here to learn more.

Zapier is one of the ways you can now do this with Wave. With Zapier, you can now automate a huge range of tasks, such as invoicing for time you’ve tracked and adding customers to your email marketing list, just to name a few! And we’re happy to announce that you can now use Zapier to record your sales directly to your bookkeeping records in Wave from e-commerce tools like Shopify and Square.

Log in now to see what you can do with Zapier by visiting the Integrations section in Wave.

Accountants and Bookkeepers

With the Wave network of accountants and bookkeepers, our community consists of the best in the business to help you stay up-to-date and compliant, whatever your accounting needs are. To learn more, invite your own accountant, or to connect with professionals you can visit our community to start the conversation.

If you’re an accountant or bookkeeper who would like to share your expertise on best practices and knowledge of the Wave platform, you can learn more about our network and how to sign up here.

Financial Services

We’re also partnering with industry leading institutions like ADP and RBC to connect their customers to tools and providers. Through these partnerships their customers can integrate their financial services with accounting, invoicing, payroll, and more.

Through the Wave community, our partners are able to build greater loyalty, improve retention, and increase product attach rates.

We’re always looking to bring on new partnerships with banks, credit unions, or financial services to developer stronger connections and support for our customers. You can inquire about opportunities and working with Wave on our site here.

Stay tuned for exciting new releases, updates, and integrations with Wave. To connect with other Wave users and the pro community, log in or sign up to the Wave Community.

By Wave Staff

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