A community for accountants and bookkeepers

The Wave Pro Network lets you connect with tons of small business owners who have questions about how best to run their business with Wave.

In the cloud

Connect with clients without having to download anything. Wave is entirely online, which means both you and your clients see the same things securely and accurately.

Huge market

Wave already has millions of customers, and we're growing fast. Be here when they need professional advice, at tax time and beyond.

Be a hero

Share your knowledge and expertise with the community; everything’s online and ready to go. Wave won't charge you anything at all.

Accounting and payroll

Wave has real double-entry accounting tools, with proper reports and settings, as well as powerful payroll. You already know the best part: It’s so easy to use.

Stand out

Get your own listing and speak to Wave customers directly. Community means people can reach out to you, too.

We trust you

You’ve been working with Wave products for a while, and you know what Wave customers need most. We’re here to help you in making a difference.

Join the Wave Pro Network in our Community

Our Community forum is a space where you’ll be able to add your listing to a network of other professionals. It also features a private discussion forum where you can interact with other Wave Pros.

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