Blossomers Media + Wave: vision meets versatility

Fort Lauderdale, Florida •

Dori Zinn and Joey Cortez are the creative minds behind Blossomers Media, a web development and online media company that’s helping small businesses grow their online presence. After exploring different paths on their own entrepreneurial journey, Dori and Joey joined forces with a shared vision that brought Blossomers Media to life. As their business evolved, Dori and Joey needed a system in place to help them organize their finances in order to scale their business. This is where Wave came in to help them achieve their goals.

A business is born

In 2008, Joey and his father decided they wanted to help other businesses grow. So they created a marketing consulting and web development company.

But entrepreneurship isn't where Joey started —he got his start in corporate IT. So what sparked his change of direction?

“The pivot that got me into entrepreneurship was learning how to build databases in college,” he says. “Computers were no longer things I had to take care of—they became tools for creation.” Ultimately, this enabled Joey to want to create for other businesses as well.

At the time, Dori was on a different path altogether. After earning a journalism degree, she spent her time writing freelance while holding down other full-time jobs, which was hectic.

But then Joey and Dori met, and they realized that they could work better, together.

“I'd been freelancing since 2009,” she says. “But when Joey and I met, we realized that we could unite it all under one business."

This is how Blossomers was born.

The evolution of Blossomers

As Joey’s father became less involved with the company, Joey pivoted. Since Blossomers started with marketing consulting and web development, they've expanded to offer a truly comprehensive scope of services. Over the years, they’ve branched into content strategy, iOS app development, management consulting, database management, and even emerging technologies like 3D printing and the Internet of Things.

Simply put, Blossomers does a lot - and they will continue to help small businesses accomplish all they know that they’re capable of.

Growing with Wave

While their business was growing, not everything was smooth sailing. Dori and Joey ran into an issue that affects pretty much every small business: accounting.

“I went to file payroll taxes and was overwhelmed,” says Joey. “Even though I studied accounting in college, I wasn't confident I was doing it right."

It caused a ton of stress, but eventually after looking through a number of options, they landed on Wave. "Looking at the other options, Wave was the only thing that was reasonably priced for a small business. We've had—and loved!—Wave ever since. Our monthly fees don't increase and yet the software continues to get better and better.”

Beyond price, there are other reasons they landed on Wave. Dori’s love for Wave is based on the way it helps her get a handle on the many different clients she deals with.

“I am insanely organized,” she says. “I have many different clients and outlets I bill throughout the month and Wave keeps track of it all. I'd probably lose money if it weren't for how well Wave keeps my invoicing in check.”

The bright future ahead

Thanks to a lot of hard work—and the ways that Wave made things easier— Dori and Joey are looking forward to an expansive future for Blossomers.

"We went from earning freelance income to starting a small business,” Joey says. “Now we’re ready to grow even more by hiring employees. We can't wait!”

Dori and Joey love:


Connect your bank accounts, balance your books, and be ready for tax time.


Create and send unlimited, professional invoices from home, the office, or on the go.


Pay your employees and handle taxes easily.