Let’s not overcomplicate this:
You want to pay your employees and
handle taxes easily. This is the place.

Easy, smart, and made for you

Same-day payroll setup
Fast setup

Payroll doesn’t have to be painful. Set up your account and start running payroll today.

Weekly, biweekly and other payroll frequencies.
For any small business

Hourly or salaried employees. Weekly, biweekly, monthly or semi-monthly pay periods. However your payroll works, Wave works with you.

Accurate payroll calculations for vacation and other benefits
Vacations, holidays, benefits and bonuses

Wave handles vacations, holidays, bonuses and other benefit calculations, too, and provides accurate pay stubs and reports for you and your team.

Wave makes payroll software easy

Great for your employees

Includes direct deposit
Direct deposit

No more running around with checkscheques. Pay gets deposited right in your employees’ bank accounts, quickly and reliably. Less work for you, and your team will love it.

Self-service forms for employees
Self-service pay stubs and tax forms

Employees can log into Wave securely to access their pay stubs and W2s,T4s and manage their contact and banking information.

Employee W2s and T4s at tax time

Taxes made simple

Guaranteed accurate tax calculations
Guaranteed accurate

We guarantee the accuracy of our payroll calculations. When the IRSCRA is happy, you’re happy.

Complete tax filing service
Automatic filings and payments Automatic tax remittances

In New York, California, Florida, Texas, Illinois and Washington, Wave’s complete payroll tax service can automatically pay and file your state and federal payroll taxes. (Coming soon to more states.) We’ll even send your tax remittances and all the associated paperwork to the CRA for you — part of your all-inclusive low monthly rate.

Guaranteed accurate payroll for IRS Guaranteed accurate payroll for CRA

So many features, all part of your

small business payroll service

  • Integrates seamlessly and instantly with Wave’s free, award-winning accounting, invoicing and receipt scanning software
  • Priority customer support, direct from Wave headquarters
  • Payroll reminders in your inbox
  • Great for seasonal businesses; put employees on hold any time at no charge
  • Easy to understand tax liabilities
  • Employee self-serve portal for pay stubs and W2sEmployee self-serve portal for pay stubs and T4s
  • Payroll in the cloud: Pay your employees from anywhere
  • Direct deposit included
  • Automated holiday pay for Canadian statutory holidays
  • Self-service checkcheque printing
  • Secure collaboration with your bookkeeper, partner or assistants
  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Mobile app for iPhone
  • Data is backed up automatically for peace of mind
  • Guaranteed accurate
  • and more!

Get your payroll set up and ready to go today!

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Pricing for small business payroll

Turn the dial to calculate your low monthly rate
(based on $35 base fee)
$ Per month

No setup fees or hidden charges — your price even includes direct deposit,
W2s and the Payroll Accuracy Guarantee.
No setup fees or hidden charges — your price even includes direct deposit, T4s, full tax remittances to the CRA, and Wave’s Payroll Accuracy Guarantee.

California, Florida, New York, Texas, Illinois and Washington
+ INCLUDES TAX SERVICE Wave handles tax payments and paperwork to your state tax office and/or IRS.
All other states
* SELF-SERVE TAX FILINGS Wave makes it easy for you to pay and file your payroll taxes yourself.

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