Let’s work together

Partner with Wave, and take your business to the next level.

Why partner with Wave?

Grow your business

Tens of thousands of new businesses join every month. Wave can help your business grow, with referrals and key partner promotions to our small business customers.

Build loyalty with small businesses

If you provide complementary products and services to small businesses, then we should talk! Small businesses have unique needs. Working together to provide integrated solutions to help them thrive builds trust and loyalty, and makes us all more successful.

Deliver for your customers

Working together, we can help our small business customers be more successful. Whether you provide complementary software, are an accountant, or a bank, there are ways we can partner to make life easier and more prosperous for our customers.

"Small business owners rely on dozens of tools to attract and close customers, manage company financials, and move projects from start to finish. With the Zapier - Wave integration, these tools (and 1,000+ others!) can talk to each other to seamlessly automate small business invoicing and accounting workflows."

Wade Foster, CEO, Zapier

Integration partner

If you’re an independent software vendor with an application that complements Wave, then register for access to the Wave API. Integrating your application into Wave gives you access to our customer base, and allows for automated integration between your application and Wave.

Financial services partner

If you’re a bank, credit union, or other financial services provider and would like to help your customers be more successful, consider working with Wave. By integrating financial services with accounting, invoicing, payroll, and more, you will build loyalty, improve retention, and increase product attach rates.

Accountants and bookkeepers

Our customers want Wave-friendly accountants and bookkeepers who can help them manage their business finances. Find new customers and support the Wave community of small business owners. When Wave business owners grant you access through the ‘Business Collaborators’ option, you’ll be invited into their Wave account.