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You have a special skill that you have translated into a successful freelance career or small business. You love what you do, but since you are always on the lookout for new customers, you can’t afford to spend time on onerous administrative tasks, like invoicing. Why not get a little help running your business by using one of our easy-to-use, fully customizable, secure PDF invoice templates? It can help you spend more time networking and chasing those great business leads! And for easy reference, we also provide you with Excel, Word, Google Docs and Google Sheets options.

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You are extremely flexible and are always ready to go the distance for your clients. Get some security added on to your business by using a PDF invoice template. It’s easy for you to use and customize – but hard for anyone else to modify.


If clients rely on your expert freelance services to keep their businesses running smoothly, you can rely on this PDF invoice template to make sure you are paid for your great work. It’s easy to use and it will display on any operating system.


Don’t waste your energy designing invoices! Use your time and effort to impress clients with your consulting services, while this free PDF invoice template makes sure you are paid properly. It’s fully customizable to use for all your clients.

Small business

Download, customize, and use this invoice for any services or products you provide. This free PDF invoice template is flexible, looks great, and is hard to modify. It can also be emailed to all customers, no matter what computer operating system they use.


Do you provide great products or services on retainer? Capture the costs with this free PDF invoice template – it can be tailored to any time period to make sure you are properly compensated.

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Make your business a success by finding out more about what Wave can offer you. Save time and take even more work off your hands by trying our free automated invoicing and powerful accounting.

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Why you should send professional invoices to your clients

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No matter what you do for a living, you need clear, organized invoices that include all the details to help you get paid accurately and on time.

A PDF invoice template is flexible so it can include all the right details for each customer, while also looking clean and professional. It also can help cut down on unnecessary payment delays since it can be viewed on any operating system.

Security is another advantage. PDF documents are hard to modify unlike Google Sheets invoice or Excel invoice, so there’s less chance of your invoice getting inadvertently altered. An attractive, well-designed PDF invoice also reflects your skill and professionalism, and creates confidence and credibility in your business.

What should be included on a PDF invoice?

You tailor your customer service to the needs of each client, so follow these steps to make sure your PDF invoices are tailored to your needs, and you are paid promptly and properly for your hard work.

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  • Look through our wonderful selection of attractive PDF invoice templates in different designs and colors, and download the one you like. It’s fast, and best of all – it’s free!
  • Add in your business name, address, phone number, and email address
  • Insert your beautifully designed business or personal logo, along with your website address, any professional qualifications, and if you like, any graphics you use to represent your brand or business
  • Enter your client’s name and their correct contact information
  • Generate a unique invoice number and add it on
  • Include the date of the invoice, and the payment due date
  • List the products and/or services you’ve provided, along with the appropriate prices and fees. The PDF invoice template is easy to customize for each client, so you can add lines to include extra charges, such as for travel, or for rush jobs or emergency services
  • If you are including a discount to encourage repeat business, or to reward long-time customers, add a line explaining the discount so your client knows they are getting a wonderful price
  • Calculate the price, including the applicable tax, and enter the total
  • Include your payment terms, such as your accepted methods of payment
  • It’s always nice to add a personal note at the end. Thank your client for their business, or mention how enjoyable it is to work with them. If you are self-employed, a personal touch sets you apart from large, impersonal companies
  • Save a copy of the invoice – and give it to your client!

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When is the right time to send a PDF invoice?

The right time to send an invoice depends largely on the type of business you are in. Many self-employed people or small business owners invoice at the time of purchase, or at the end of a job or project.

You need to keep the revenue coming in, so if your services are required for a long period of time, or if the customer has made a large order, use your flexible invoice template to bill for payment up front. Or, bill for a percentage of the estimated cost up front.

Whatever payment time period you choose, make sure it’s clearly noted on each invoice, and clarify what portion of the final ‘cost’ has been paid to date.

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Handy Invoice tips before sending your first invoice

Send your invoice to the right person

If you are providing products or services to a large company or organization, make sure you add an “Attention to:” line on your invoice so it is sent to the person who pays the bills. You don’t want your invoice getting lost in the mailroom, or in the wrong person’s email inbox.

Accept a variety of payment methods

Let your customers pay in the way that is most convenient for them – after all, it can only help you get paid faster! Customers appreciate the ease of using an e-Transfer, debit card, or direct bank deposit to pay – especially if it is for a large job or order.

Send a pro forma invoice before the job starts

Prevent any misunderstandings that can delay your payment by sending your customers a pro forma invoice before you start work with your agreed-upon terms and expectations.

Add some professional recommendations

You are an expert in your field, so include a few lines on your customizable PDF invoice to describe any other products or services you think the customer might be interested in. You could also add in a few client testimonials, or a coupon for the next time the customer uses your services.

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