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As an attorney you work hard to create the best legal outcomes for your clients – so you don’t have time to waste on administrative tasks like creating different invoices for your clients. But of course you need to get paid, so why not get a little help with managing your law practice by using one of our easy-to-use, fully customizable professional invoice templates in Word, Excel, PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. Spend your time bestowing your legal knowledge and expertise in court – instead of being shut away doing office chores.

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Professional legal services

This invoice template is so flexible it can be used to bill all your clients – no matter what type of legal service you provide. Add or subtract lines to describe all the details, while adding to your reputation with this elegantly designed template.

Corporate law

Don’t use your time trying to design an effective invoice. Your corporate clients need your expertise to get that merger through, or to protect their trademarks. This free template can be easily customized to meet all your corporate clients’ needs.

Retainer fees

Download, customize, and send this invoice to all your clients who hire you on retainer. It can be modified for any time period, with extra lines to fill in any additional services. This easy-to-use template will help you keep the regular flow of revenue coming in.

Family court

You help clients with family difficulties. It’s a very specialized area of expertise, and you deserve to be paid for your outstanding work. Make one task a little easier on yourself by using this free template for all your invoicing.

Personal injury

When a tragedy or accident strikes, you are there to help victims get compensated for their pain and hardship. Capture all the costs for the great work you do with this free professional invoice template.

Alternatives to using attorney invoice templates

Make your law practice a success by finding out more about what Wave can offer you. Save time and take even more work off your hands by trying our free automated invoicing and accounting.

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Why attorneys should send professional invoices

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As an attorney, you bring your experience, skill, and legal knowledge to every case. Whether you specialize in a particular field of law, or handle many different types of cases, you need an invoice that is flexible enough to capture all the costs.

That means you need professional, well-organized invoices that include all the details, while still being easy-to-understand. A well-designed invoice also reflects on your image and expertise and helps create confidence and trust in your skills as an attorney.

What should be included on an invoice for attorneys

You work hard for your clients, so make sure your invoices also work hard to get you paid properly and promptly for your expertise with these quick steps.

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  • Browse through our wide selection of specially designed attorney invoice templates in different styles and colors, and pick the one you like in the format you use – Word, Excel, PDF, Google Docs, or Google Sheets
  • Download the invoice template. It’s easy to do and it’s free!
  • Insert your business name and contact information. If you provide specialized legal services, like family or corporate law – mention it here where people will notice
  • Insert your logo, if you have one – along with your website, and your professional designations
  • Add in your client’s name and contact information
  • Generate a unique invoice number and add it to the template
  • Include the date of the invoice and the dates your legal services were required, if appropriate, along with the payment due date
  • List the case number or file, and the legal services you provided, with your fees based on your hourly rate or a flat rate
  • If you are billing by the hour, include an up-to-date timesheet to indicate your billable hours
  • Add or remove lines to customize the invoice format to meet your billing needs for that particular case and client
  • If you are including a discount for a high volume of work for a corporate client, add a line explaining the discount so your client knows they are getting a special rate for your legal services
  • Calculate the total price of the project, including applicable tax, and list the total
  • Include your payment terms, including the methods of payment you accept
  • Add a personal line at the end, such as a thank you for the business, or to wish your client good luck. A little goodwill could lead to some big referrals!
  • Save the invoice – and send it off to your client!

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When is the right time to send an invoice as an attorney?

The right time to send an invoice depends on your law practice and the type of legal services you provide. Many attorneys ask for payment upfront for services such as consultations. If they take on a case, they may bill after the verdict is decided and connect their fees to whether the outcome was favorable or not.

If you offer your legal services on retainer, you will want to invoice monthly, or at another appropriate time period, to keep the revenue flowing in. For cases that may take several months or even years, you can bill regularly for your services or at certain significant milestones.

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Handy invoicing tips for attorneys

Include professional recommendations

Include a few lines to describe any future legal services you think would be beneficial to your client, especially if they will be dealing with ongoing or regular legal situations. It shows them you are thinking about their best interests and are providing them with your expert knowledge.

Change your payment terms

We live in an automated world where people are used to paying for products and services right away. Your legal fees should be no different. You might consider shortening your payment terms from 30 days to three weeks, or even 15 days.

Keep an up-to-date timesheet

If you are providing your legal services at an hourly rate, accurately track your billable hours and include your timesheet as an attachment to your invoice so your client knows exactly how much work you have done. If you offer your services on retainer, and your agreement specifies a maximum number of hours, a timesheet indicates when extra charges need to be included.

Keep a record of your work with numbered invoices

Numbered invoices help you keep track of how much money is coming in, and shows clients you have an organized system in place. You can also assign a case code if your legal work for that particular client is going to be spread out over a long period of time and involve several invoices.

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