Top 20 illustrators to follow on Instagram

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July 28, 2021
5 minute read

As a social media platform focused on visuals, Instagram is the perfect place for illustrators to find inspiration and connect with other creatives. And there are tons of super talented illustrators sharing their work, bringing followers behind the scenes of their illustration process, and offering tips and lessons on how to get started as a freelance designer, too.

Here are 20 of our favorites for you to check out.

Petra Eriksson

Illustration style: retro, bright, and bold

We love Petra’s bold illustrations and trademark Warhol-esque style. Throughout her Instagram, Petra shares current and past work, plus initial sketches and progress videos that give you a view into her illustration process.

Check out Petra's Instagram

Ryan Putnam

Illustration style: line art, hand-painting

Over on his Instagram, Ryan Putnam shares a ton of artwork, including illustrations. His Highlights are categorized, so you can take a look at illustrative work or browse his entire Instagram to see all the varied styles and media Ryan creates with.

Check out Ryan’s Instagram

Nneka Myers

Illustration style: textured, character, children’s book

A children’s book illustrator and TV animation designer, Nneka’s diverse and progressive body of work is a breath of fresh air for every illustrator’s Instagram feed. Nneka shares everything from finished and published children’s book work to pencil sketches and her own reimagining of classic characters (peep baby Moana here).

Check out Nneka’s Instagram

Linn Warme

Illustration style: patterns, nature

We love Swedish illustrator and print designer Linn Warme’s Instagram for its colorful, nature-inspired patterns. Plus, Linn shares fascinating looks at her hand-painted patterns in progress.

Check out Linn’s Instagram

Jess Phoenix

Illustration style: bright and bold, patterns

Jess Phoenix’s bright, bold, and nature-inspired patterns are sure to brighten up your Instagram feed. On her own account, Jess shares finished work, plus some of the ways her illustrations and patterns have inspired other artists (look at these manicures!)

Check out Jess’ Instagram

David van der Veen

Illustration style: Abstract, textured, bright and bold

We love David’s style of varied, abstract subject matter done up in bold, warming color schemes. David shares a ton of his digital work on Instagram, along with published editorial work and even a mural on tile.

Check out David’s Instagram

Chungi Yoo

Illustration style: textured, character

Chungi Yoo’s vivid illustrations breathe life into the characters and stories she draws. Chungi doesn’t shy away from difficult or politically fraught subject matter—her work unapologetically calls out prejudice and offers support for those like and unlike Chungi.

Check out Chungi’s Instagram

Carla Llanos

Illustration style: flat, hand-painted, neutral

We love how calming Carla Llanos’ flat botanical illustrations in muted color schemes are. Carla’s Instagram is the perfect antidote to any busy, loud Instagram feed. Plus, followers get to see all the ways her work turns into products like frame prints, phone cases, t-shirts, and more.

Check out Carla’s Instagram

Gun Karlsson

Illustration style: hand-drawn, still life

On Instagram, Gun Karlsson shares a wide variety of illustration work. From illustrations drawn for limited edition Budweiser bottles to beautifully detailed still life-style work and bold digital design work, there’s always something new and different to see on Gun’s Instagram.

Check out Gun’s Instagram

Owen Gent

Illustration style: Abstract, textured, book covers

We love how unique Owen’s warm, abstract illustrations are. Plus, fellow (and aspiring) book cover illustrators can check out the Highlight featuring all of Owen’s published book work for tons of inspiration.

Check out Owen’s Instagram

Sam Jayne

Illustration style: cartoon

Sam Jayne’s Instagram promises “pink, positive illustrations to make you smile,” and she delivers. In colorful cartoon style, Sam shares client work, illustrations for purchase, and inspirational graphics.

Check out Sam’s Instagram

Shawna X

Illustration style: abstract

Shawna X’s unique, abstract illustrations are some of the most unique work we came across. Her bright style borders on the psychedelic and she shares a variety of work, including a full store concept done for Nike and brought to life in their store.

Check out Shawna’s Instagram

Sarah Alice Rabbit

Illustration style: bright and bold, editorial

Sarah Alice Rabbit shares mostly editorial work on her Instagram and her posts are a masterclass in developing a consistent, trademark illustration style. Plus, Sarah shares peeks into works in progress and alternate versions of finished illustrations.

Check out Sarah’s Instagram

Ben Bauchau

Illustration style: Concept art, character

Ben Bauchau’s detailed character and concept art illustrations bring followers to another world. For a look at how Ben brings these characters to life, followers can check out a lengthy Highlight dedicated to sharing works in progress at various stages.

Check out Ben’s Instagram

Quentin Monge

Illustration style: Flat, abstract

We love the simplicity and minimal style of Quentin Monge’s illustrations. Quentin largely lets the work speak for itself, offering followers the opportunity to invent their own stories and scenarios for each piece.

Check out Quentin’s Instagram

Joey Yu

Illustration style: Line art, hand-drawn, abstract

Joey Yu’s work skews toward raw hand-drawn, line-art style illustrations—and it’s some of the most unique work on our list. Joey shares a variety of both illustration and animation work, including published editorial work and her visual interpretation of meaningful poetry.

Check out Joey’s Instagram

Janice Sung

Illustration style: Comic book, hand-painted

Janice Sung’s hand-painted style borders on the comic book and character art side of illustration. Followers get to see finished work in a variety of styles, plus videos that show Janice’s sketching process from beginning to end.

Check out Janice’s Instagram

Scott Biersack

Illustration style: lettering

Scott Biersack’s Instagram is dedicated primarily to his lettering work. Still, followers are in for a ton of variety and inspiration from Scott’s work, which features individual lettering illustrations along with a look at entire series’ worth of work.

Check out Scott's Instagram

Carlotta Notaro

Illustration style: Flat, abstract, textured

Carlotta Notaro’s warm, natural style might inspire you. And, it might make you hungry, too. Her illustrations include character work, abstract nature scenes, and lots of food. We love her interpretation (pictured above) of what it feels like to get lost in the work.

Check out Carlotta’s Instagram

Juliette Oberndorfer

Illustration style: Fantasy, bright and bold

We love Juliette Oberndorfer’s bright and bold fantasy illustrations. Juliette shares illustrative concept art featuring a variety of animals and landscapes, along with subtle animations that bring her work to life.

Check out Juliette’s Instagram

Illustrators to follow and learn from

Whether you’re a seasoned illustrator or an aspiring one, the pros above offer a ton of valuable inspiration and tips to grace your Instagram feed. Check them out to get inspired, learn new skills, and connect with like-minded artists.