Top resources for full stack developers

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March 24, 2021
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Full stack developers carry such a wide breadth of skills that it can sometimes be hard to keep up. There are thousands of resources available, so how do you know which ones are right for you?

In order to build a portfolio, command a high freelance rate and grow your career, it's important to continuously hone your skills by taking developer courses and by utilizing the best resources available. Here are the top resources for full stack developers, ranging from YouTube channels to sites to conferences to attend.

Full stack development channels on YouTube

Whether it’s one video or plenty, these full stack YouTube channels have everything you need to learn or update your skills.

LearnCode offers completely free web development tutorials, web design videos, and even career advice. Look out for topics on everything from HTML and CSS to DevOps and server administration.

If you’re just learning new full stack developer skills, this channel covers a lot of how-tos and beginner’s guides to getting started.


Codecourse has different playlists based on your needs or standalone videos you can sort and watch. If you’re a beginner, look out for the playlists on PHP basics and even tutorials like building a Twitter bot.

LevelUp Tutorials

LevelUp Tutorials offers thousands of free tutorials on how to become a web developer or improve your skills. While great for beginners, it’s also a wonderful channel for established full stack developers who are looking to brush up on skills or improve their experience.

Google Chrome Developers

As one of the most popular web browsers available, the developers of Google Chrome bring you immediate updates on their work. If you build or design websites, how they operate on Google Chrome is a big must for your work.

You can find everything from how to write good alt text to best practices for nearly every tool offered. They also feature updates every time there’s a Chrome update in their “What’s New in DevTools” videos.


Sometimes you don’t need full beginner’s guides but rather, specific tips and tricks to get a project done. That’s where DevTips come in. They feature videos on web design and development — ideal for full stack developers.

There are also full tutorials for beginners and established full stack developers alike. You can sort playlists by specific projects, like designing your first mobile landing page or how to build a responsive website.

Full stack development podcasts

If you love listening to podcasts while you work or on your commute, level up your skills by listening to these full stack podcasts.

Full Stack Radio

Full Stack Radio, hosted by Adam Wathan, features topics on product design, user experience, system administration and so much more. Get tips on payment processing, navigating GitHub, and applying for jobs.


Syntax — A Tasty Treat Podcast for Web Developers — adds new shows every few days. Hosted by Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski, familiarize yourself with JavaScript frameworks and the latest CSS tools.


Learning new tools and how to become a better full stack developer is great, but there’s more to websites than what you see on the screen. CoRecursive tells the stories behind the people who code.

Shoptalk Show

Shoptalk Show, hosted by Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier, features new episodes every week. They also have a section dedicated to the best episodes that listeners have found the most useful.

The Hanselminutes Podcast

The Hanselminutes Podcast, hosted by Scott Hanselman, focuses on technology, gadgets, code, diversity, and other relevant topics. Hanselman works on the Web Platform Team at Microsoft.

Top full stack development books

Programming language and applications can change much faster than books get published. But there are still plenty of books that give you the basics, whether you’re just starting out as a full stack developer or already established. Look out for versions that have multiple updates to give you the latest information available.

Modern full stack Development

Frank Zammetti wrote Modern Full Stack Development, a beginner’s guide to a wide range of application development. You’ll learn how to start and structure projects, how to implement client-server communication, and examples of how to build real-world apps.

The Full Stack Developer

Author Chris Northwood wrote The Full Stack Developer. This book is best for new graduates and junior developers. You can learn how to plan out your work, design systems, and how to transition from either front-end or back-end development into a full stack role.

Cracking the Full Stack Developer Interview

If you’re working on your job prospects, you need Cracking the Full Stack Developer Interview by Hirako San. San has either been interviewed or conducted them for full stack developer roles. The book covers common questions and interview techniques you need to know as you head into your full stack developer interview.

C# 9 and .NET 5 – Modern Cross-Platform Development

This book by Mark J. Price is now in its fifth edition. It’s an in-depth beginner’s guide to building websites and services, using machine learning, and building mobile applications. This book is best for C# and .NET beginners.

Hands-On Full Stack Development with Spring Boot 2 and React

This book is in its second edition, giving you the tools you need to build modern web and mobile applications. It’s a great book for established developers looking to make the transition to full stack development.

Top full stack development conferences

If you want to expand your knowledge and skills this year, many conferences are tailored to full stack development.

Oracle Developer Live Virtual Events

This previously in-person event is holding virtual events throughout the year, all for free. The topics vary from MySQL updates to the future of Java innovations and programming. While a return to in-person conferences might happen at some point, these virtual events are planned at least through the year.

Apple WWDC

The Worldwide Developers Conference is the largest Apple developer event. It’s normally held every summer, but this year’s dates have yet to be announced. You can catch up on last year’s conference highlights by watching videos on-demand.


This hybrid edition of one of the leading developer conferences features a mix of in-person and online events. There are dozens of speakers and workshops and even with remote visitors, you can still take advantage of networking opportunities. Regardless of your in-person or virtual attendance, there’s a cost to attend.

Stay on top of full stack development

As you broaden your reach through videos, podcasts, and books, you’ll find that there’s an endless list of developers and sites to follow. You’ll find people and companies to follow for inspiration and others that might not be in line with what you like. The more you expand your knowledge, the more you’ll find what works for your skills and what doesn’t.