What is your biggest piece of business building advice?

September 30, 2015
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This week we’re featuring guest blog posts from the Collaborich Conference, taking place September 30 to October 2, 2015. This is the sixth and final post in the “Financially Free Entrepreneur” series.

Our final day of the series is here! We’ve covered investing, business prep, money relationships and management and we saved the best for last. Our #collaborich speakers tell us the number one thing to remember (besides Wave) when you are starting from the ground up.

—Stephanie, a.k.a. The Millionista Mentor, founder of The Collaborich Conference.

“JUST DO IT. Get into action. Honor your calling. And do not wait for the perfect timing, situation or idea. I see so many people waiting to put themselves out there and get their ideas, programs, projects, services out into the world and sharing them with others. There are people that need what you know, have and do. There will never be a perfect time and as you grow what you offer will change and may develop into something totally different! The key is to take consistent action, get it out there and remember it is progress not perfection. You are doing a disservice if you have something to share and are not sharing it to help others!” —Kelly Lynn Adams, Business & Life Coach

“Invest in your peers. Connect with other small business owners and seek to glean knowledge from anyone and everyone that went before you. Put aside your ego and seek humbly to learn at every opportunity. Collaborate. Be authentic. Build relationships that are grounded in trust and mutual interest in each other’s success, personally and professionally. Go forward confidently and create something powerful that is passion-filled and purposeful. Cheer others on in their successes and support and empathize with their failures. Competition keeps business hopping, but collaboration keeps it thriving and is the true measure of mature business growth. Be grateful – say thank you a lot. Stay close to your family and make sure they hold you accountable when it comes to being fully present. Make your passion your profession. Small business ownership isn’t for the faint of heart – you’re going to get dirty and have to roll up your sleeves more often than not. Doing it alongside like-minded dreamers can motivate, inspire and enrich your experience and your ultimate success more than you can imagine. Do not isolate yourself. Get out there!”—Katy Blevins, The Modern Femme Movement

“I think the one thing that has attributed to my rapid business growth is due to the fact that I pay myself a salary, and reinvest a good portion of my income back into my business. I think that it is extremely important to constantly reinvest so that you can improve yourself, which allows you to serve your clients the best you possibly can. Reinvesting back into my business has allowed me to also scale up in my business, which has allowed me to have more freedom and income.” —Maria Hinton, Prosperity Coach

“Never stop broadcasting how you are able to help. The moment you quit letting the world know how you can help them is the moment they forget about you, stalling and eventually crashing any business.

Do ONE thing each and every day for your business. If you can do that, and really form that habit in your business, you are going to build an unstoppable amount of momentum! Besides, only having to do ONE thing each day, is going to help cut down on the overwhelm so many of us experience at some point or another.

Also, connect with people who get you and your dreams and don’t be afraid to ask questions! We’re all here to learn and grow…so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t know the answer. It’s all a part of the journey!”—Stephanie Melish, Sales Strategist

“Take consistent action. Sometimes it can feel like you’re not getting results as quickly as you’d like to see them, but if you take action on the right things on a consistent basis things will start to happen. I see so many people go full steam ahead for a few weeks and then they burn out before they get to see any results. You’ve got to be in this for the marathon, not the sprint, so don’t burn out quickly, stay consistent and take action.” —Jill Stanton, co-founder of Screw the Nine to Five

“I always say that action creates clarity and clarity creates confidence, and then confidence creates more action which sets you up for your inevitable success. Anything is possible, so dream big and then take action to make it happen!” —Adrienne Dorison, Success Strategist & Money Mentor

“My biggest piece of business building advice is to get visible and invest in your business as soon as possible. Visibility is key to your success. When you’re the best kept secret it will be hard for people to know, like and trust you. If you want to make it in business you have to be willing to put yourself out there. Lastly invest in your business sooner rather than later. Investing can be as little as reading books that will help you with your business to hiring a coach. Either way you have to take action towards reaching your goals.” —Fabiola Giordani, Branding Consultant

“It takes time to figure out what you want to do. Don’t try to skip over figuring what you LOVE to do, it doesn’t work.” —Juliet Turlaski, Personal Development Thought Leader

“Keeping putting one foot in front of the other as you focus on solutions instead of problems.”—Nathalie Guerin, Law of Attraction Specialist

“Get a mentor or coach. Someone that has been where you are and is now where you want to be. This will shorten your learning curve and take time off your path to success. We can’t do it alone, and learning from someone who has done what you want to do will skyrocket your success.”—Jenn Scalia, Business + Visibility Coach

To celebrate our last day, I want to invite you to join our powerful radically successful entrepreneurs at collaborichconference.com. This conference will fill your resource box, your inspiration cup and your network to the brim. Can’t wait to see you there, Wave-ers!

—Stephanie, a.k.a. The Millionista Mentor, founder of The Collaborich Conference

By Sara Rosenfeld

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