Five guerrilla marketing tactics for your small business

October 26, 2012
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In this guest post, CPA and small business consultant Veronica Wasek presents compelling marketing tips for small businesses.

Guerrilla marketing is all about high-impact, low-cost marketing strategies. Time, energy and imagination replace big budgets and expensive advertising campaigns. Here are 5 essential tips for launching an all-out guerrilla marketing assault to defeat your small business’ competition:

1. Be clear and specific on your purpose and goals

What do you want to achieve from your business? What are your financial goals? What will it take to achieve them? Write down your goals and be specific. In other words, create a communications strategy for your guerrilla marketing plan. Clear goals will keep you focused and will fuel your passion and perseverance.

2. Focus on your target customer

Is your ideal customer anybody and everybody? Successful guerrilla marketers target a specific customer group and avoid the masses. Know your prospective customer inside and out. What products and services do they want and what are they willing to pay for? What do they really want? Your marketing should convey your unique understanding of your target customers’ needs and concerns. Focus on a specific market and you will greatly improve your profits.

3. Stock pile marketing weapons

Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of guerrilla marketing, lists 200 marketing weapons on his site; over half of these are free. Your arsenal includes everything involved in promoting your business. Guerrilla marketing goes beyond a website, business card, brochure, and advertising; in fact, it includes such free options as elevator pitches, Internet chat rooms and forums, testimonials and community involvement. With 200 weapons at your disposal, you will surely obliterate your competition.

4. Launch a calculated attack

A guerrilla marketer is intentional and lives by the marketing calendar. Use your marketing weapons strategically to launch your attack. Have a plan and purpose for every marketing task – like updating your website, capitalizing on your niche, and regularly asking customers for referrals. Every marketing action is planned and executed with precision.

5. Form strategic alliances

Guerrilla marketers don’t go into battle alone. They form alliances with other like-minded guerrillas who target the same prospective customers. This is where networking plays a vital role. Guerrillas cultivate relationships and use their strategic alliances to seek mutually beneficial and profitable arrangements.

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Veronica Wasek is the owner and founder of VM Wasek CPA, LLC. She specializes in small business and QuickBooks consulting. She started her business after losing two jobs to the economy. She launched her own Guerrilla Marketing attack with the intent of reinventing the role of the traditional CPA. She is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and a Wave Accounting Pro. She is working toward becoming a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach.


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