Five apps to organize your small business

August 3, 2012
5 minutes read

This post is written by guest contributor Christophe Primault.

In this economic climate, keeping your small business organized is imperative. If you’re scattered, many tasks can slip through the cracks causing missed opportunities – opportunities you likely cannot afford to squander. Fortunately, you can reduce stress and keep your small business organized by implementing one or more of these useful cloud applications.

1. WORKetc

If you want a fast way to get your whole business on the same page, look no further than WORKetc. You can work with your entire team; contractors, suppliers, and even customers, all in one place. Everything is recorded, from billable hours to helpdesk notes. This is a truly complete system that will improve the way you deal with customer relationship management, projects, billing, helpdesk and more.

2. Dropbox

Collaboration in small businesses is key. Dropbox is the simplest file sharing solution on the market. You can share with a colleague or groups of colleagues at any time. Best of all, Dropbox makes it easy to have one final copy of important documents instead of many alternate versions. When anybody updates a file, it is updated for everyone who has access to it. All of this is done in a secure, encrypted environment so you can feel safe about your work.

3. Freshdesk

Keeping customer support organized, effective and fun at the same time can be a problem for many small businesses, but Freshdesk can help. If you don’t want to spend tons of time training agents for your helpdesk, this app is the best way to keep your agents organized. Freshdesk provides an innovative ticketing system to allow your agents to do what they do best: support customers.

4. OfficeBooks

Need an efficient way to keep physical inventory organized? This app is a great service to invest in. Officebooks allows you to store data, track inventory, manage quotes and sales, create work orders, and purchase orders, all completely in the cloud. You’ll no longer have to wait to get back to the office to update your inventory, you can do it then and there right after the sale.

5. Wave Accounting

Feature rich Wave Accounting is the app you need if you want to keep your books organized. Wave allows you to directly connect your bank account. This lowers the amount of data entry you need to perform and greatly reduces the chance of human error. You can create reports for your small business, send out personalized invoices to your customers and keep track of your personal finances all in one place.

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Christophe is the co-founder of GetApp, the #1 Cloud Business Apps Marketplace. As a guest writer he gives his opinion on cloud computing trends and provides tips on how businesses can benefit from cloud-based apps to improve their profit. He likes mountaineering, water sports and long distance triathlons. Christophe can be reached at

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