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April 12, 2011
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“I never considered myself “green” or “crunchy” until about seven months before this business started,” says Shauna Hadrava, the owner of Bouncing Woolies, LLC. “I did all of the usual things before that. I used disposable everything, chemicals, convenience. I just grew up that way and didn’t really know much else.”

bouncing woolies

But after being introduced — and converted — to cloth diapers, Hadrava says, “I started to learn more things about the crunchy lifestyle and began practicing more natural parenting ideas with my three year old daughter and infant son. Let’s just say, it’s brought about a whole new me and an entire different and better way of thinking! I am definitely passionate and almost a green missionary of sorts.”

Her company, Bouncing Woolies, started off as an idea to supplement the family’s income. Hadrava had already been making 100% wool eco-friendly dryer balls that shorten drying time and soften clothes naturally without the use of store-bought fabric softeners.

They were so popular with her friends, she decided to make a go of it. “I got to thinking… ‘I’m crafty and graphics savvy. I can create a small business that’s green and saves money!‘ It all just fell into place and here we are.”

“Our goal is to help save the environment and people’s wallet one woolie at a time. ”

The five year plan: to expand into multiple locations, to facilitate production and distribution worldwide. “The motto I live by is, “no risk, no reward.” I used to hear a very successful team of entrepreneurs say that phrase and I thought they were crazy. It’s funny how things change.”

Before & After

“Before Wave, I would rather jump from a plane without a parachute than do my accounting.”

How did you previously deal with accounting for your small business? “I hate numbers. I just threw receipts in a box and procrastinated until tax time. Then I found Wave and my fears dissolved. I was able to set everything up and get my info ready for my tax accountant in one weekend.”

Time saved: 15 hours per month. “Now I am able to work on my product rather than spend hours and days working on the accounting.”

Money saved: “I had just bought the dreaded QuickBooks, but hadn’t busted open the packaging. That night I found Wave and I felt like I saw the light. My bank account was joyful that I saved $250 by returning the software.”

Favorite Wave tool: “The import and auto categorize feature. It’s incredibly handy!”

Accounting advice for other small businesses: “Don’t procrastinate. Wave helps keep things where they need to be and saves time, but you still have to keep on top of things. I must admit that with finances, I’m a huge procrastinator! Wave helps me with my procrastination issues because it makes things easier.”

Company Info

Bouncing Woolies, LLC “Save time. Save money. Save energy.”

By Rob Maurin

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