Photographer of the Week: Maxine Denver Photo + Video

June 15, 2011
5 minutes read

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Once upon a time, a boy named Paul and a girl named Kelly both attended film school in Chicago. Both shared a love for photography and soon enough, fell in love with each other. They decided to move back to Oregon, buy a house on a farm, and start their very own business.

What made them decide on a photography business? “We were motivated by seeing cheesy wedding photography and really bad promotional videos, we thought we could do better,” says Paul. This is their very first business, and has definitely been a steep learning curve.

Their business, Maxine Denver Photo + Video, focuses on taking natural photos and videos of weddings, though they also do promos, music videos, and just about everything in between. Right now, their business is part-time, but they’re hoping to soon have it as a full-time gig.

So what’s their 5 year plan? “We’re not looking to become famous or rich, we just want to make a living doing something we love, which allows us to live where we love near people we love.”

The happy couple is making things official with a wedding on June 18, and couldn’t be more thrilled!

image1 Maxine Denver Photo + Video

Before & After

What were your hopes when you found Wave? “Since this is our first business, I was really looking for something that was simple, clean and elegant. I wanted to be able to keep track of everything without being confused or frustrated. Wave fit all of those criteria. And it’s free to boot.”

Will Wave save you money? “Wave saves us money in many different ways. Not only do we not have to pay for the service, but we don’t have to worry about accountant fees or and late fees for doing our books wrong.”

Do you have any favorite tools in Wave?“I love the bank transaction importer, it makes life so much easier. It’s actually fun to categorize and place each purchase into its proper place, or maybe I’m just weird like that.”

How do you feel about your account now after using Wave? “I’m feeling like a pro.”

Will Wave save you time? “At least 4 hours a week.” (So they can spare more time for antiquing and reading. They’re basically an elderly couple in 24-year-old bodies.)

And they lived happily ever after…

Company Info

Maxine Denver Photo + Video logo

Paul & Kelly Searle

(971) 208-3982

image2 Maxine Denver Photo + Video

By Rob Maurin

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