Payroll design series: Your new home page

January 24, 2014
5 minutes read

Recently our team made some updates to our payroll design, based on feedback from customers from across North America. We are confident that these improvements will solve problems that real small business owners face. This is the first of a few exciting changes to come!

Before the change, we had a Tasks and Events dashboard that looked like this:

Your new home page image1

It got the job done, but we knew we could do better. One of the major concerns small business owners expressed was that they had trouble figuring out exactly when their payrolls would be run, and when their employees would be paid. To make this easier, we incorporated calendars in to our design.

Below you’ll see the new Home page, which replaces the Tasks & Events page:

Your new home page image2

You’ll notice that we now display some important information on your home page, such as the date range for your next payroll, the and the total payroll liability to your business. The total payroll liability is the entire amount that payroll will cost your business, including wages and employer taxes. This page will also alert you to any errors or notices you may want to review before running your payroll.

You can easily edit your payroll dates by using the pen icon on the bottom right side of the calendar:

Your new home page image3

When you select the green Review this payroll button, you will be taken to the Payroll tab to review the employer summary, as well as your employee pay stubs. From here, it’s business as usual and you will be able to Run Payroll easily.

We are excited to announce more improvements coming soon, and we’ll keep you updated through this process.

Please reach out to Sarah Stockdale, our Product Marketing Manager, directly at if you have any feedback or comments on the changes we are making. We’d love your input!

By Sarah Stockdale

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