Notice Regarding Yahoo Email Addresses

April 15, 2014
5 minutes read

Due to a recent change at Yahoo, any invoices, reminders or receipts sent through Wave have likely not been delivered.

What happened

On Friday April 4th, Yahoo made a change to its systems that had an unintended consequence: Emails from @Yahoo addresses, sent via a third-party service like Wave, were being flagged by Yahoo in a way that prevented them from getting to their destination.


The Wave team is currently investigating this, and we hope to have a solution in place in the near future. As we investigate, we’re using emails and in-app notifications to contact all customers who may be impacted by this. While we investigate this, we recommend you change your primary email address from a Yahoo email to an alternate email, and re-send any invoices, reminders or receipt of payments you sent since April 4th.

Changing your email address in Wave

To update your primary email address, log in to your Wave account, and select Account, then Your profile in the top right corner. From here, select Credentials from the options on the left. Then, scroll down and select Add an email address. You’ll then receive an email to verify that this new email address is yours. Once the email address has been verified, go back to the credentials page and select the star that will appear next to the new email address. This will set your new email address as your primary email. Once this is complete, re-send any invoices, receipts or reminders that you had sent to your customers since April 4.

We apologize sincerely for the inconvenience caused by this.

By Sara Rosenfeld

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