Infographic: Not accepting credit cards is costing your business

June 10, 2016
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If you opt to be paid by check because you want to save money on credit card fees, here’s some surprising news: When you crunch the numbers, accepting checks can cost you more.

Check out the infographic below to see how accepting credit cards can improve sales, save time, and cost less than checks!

Infographic: how not accepting credit cards is costing your business
Infographic: how not accepting credit cards is costing your business

Not Accepting Credit Cards is Costing Your Business

Here are some of the main benefits of accepting credit card payments from your customers.

Get Paid Faster

Customers pay invoices by credit card 10 days faster than by cash or check.

On average, invoices paid by credit card are paid within 8 days.
On average, invoices paid by cash and check are paid within 18 days.

It's clear that accepting credit cards online can help you get your invoices paid faster.

Increase Sales Potential

83% of small businesses have increased sales by accepting credit cards.
57% of small businesses have been asked by their customers to accept credit cards.
66% of purchases are made by card. 15% are made by check, and that number is decreasing.
33% of customers use a card for every purchase, even those under $5.
22% of customers prefer paying with a credit card. Only 3% prefer checks.

Save Money

Checks are expensive! Processing a $500 invoice paid by check costs, on average, $33.
– $7 – Time to Create and Send an Invoice
– $15.50 – Bad Debts
– $0.50 – Transferring Funds
– $8 – Errors and Reconciliations
– $2 – Working Capital


Invoicing is unlimited and free. Accept credit cards for 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.


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By Dina Goldshtein

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