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Wave partners with Microsoft to deliver new payment innovation

May 7, 2018 | 1 minutes read | Wave news

We’re passionate about getting you paid faster. We know that cash flow is a huge deal to small business owners, so when we see a way to reduce your time to payment, we jump on it.

When Microsoft came to us with a cash-flow boosting idea, we stepped right up. And this week, at the Microsoft BUILD developer conference, Wave is among a select group of launch partners for the latest feature in Outlook: the ability for your customers to pay the invoices you send, without ever leaving their inbox.

Here’s how it works:

Once Microsoft rolls the feature out completely, customers receiving a Wave invoice in Outlook will see a card above their email notification, with summary details and a “Review and Pay” button.

Image of an inbox with an invoice with the option to pay with credit card

Clicking the “Review & Pay” button reveals a pane where the recipient can review the invoice details:

Email with the option to confirm the invoice

…then select their preferred stored credit card and pay instantly.

Confirmed invoice in email inbox

No fumbling around for a credit card, no need to fill in a web form, no friction at all. With just a few clicks, the invoice is paid. And as always, your Wave records will be updated automatically, so your bookkeeping records are instantly in sync.

Microsoft is rolling out the feature gradually, so we’re looking at having this broadly available for Wave invoices by end of summer.

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