Mega invoicing update!

March 29, 2016
5 minutes read

What a spring we’ve had! If you’ve been following along, you’ve seen that the team has released a ton of new features, especially in our suite of invoicing tools. Here’s what’s new:

1. Column editing and customization

Do you invoice for products, showing quantity and price for your items?

Mega invoicing update image1

or do you invoice for services, showing billable hours and hourly rates?

Mega invoicing update image1.5

However you like your invoices, you can now customize columns to make things perfect. Learn more

2. Drag-and-drop ordering

You can now drag and drop to re-arrange items on your invoice, to present them in a way that makes sense to your customers.

Mega invoicing update image2

3. Easier sales taxes

We listened to your feedback and cleaned up how you manage sales taxes on invoices. It’s now easier to add taxes to line items, and you can see at a glance what taxes you’ve applied.

Mega invoicing update image3

4. Address auto-complete

Sometimes it’s the little things that make your day easier: Wave will now autocomplete the addresses you’re inputting. You save more than just a few keystrokes — you can avoid looking up zip/postal codes altogether.

Mega invoicing update image4

Learn more…

5. Skip sending

There’s a logical sequence to a lot of our workflows. For example: First you create the invoice; then you approve it; then you send it; then you accept a payment. But we know not all businesses work the same way! Maybe you do a job, get paid, and then create the invoice for record keeping. Or maybe you want to create an invoice now, but not send it until the work is done. We heard your feedback here as well, and you can now “skip sending” your invoice when it makes sense for you.

Mega invoicing update image5

6. New templates

In January we launched a new set of professionally designed invoices. The goal was more than good looks: These invoices are designed to get you paid faster. And yes, you look marvellous, too.

Learn more…

Mega invoicing update image6

There was more in the first quarter of the year, and still more to come next month. Stay tuned!

By Rob Maurin

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