Meet our February Invoice to Win Contest Winners!

March 6, 2019
5 minutes read

In February, our main prize winner was Susan of Touch All 4, a non-profit dedicated to helping children play baseball.

Susan Nalbach headshot

As a lifelong baseball fan and mother of an 11-year-old ball player, Susan was called to action when she noticed children at her community ballpark watching the games but not participating. After conversations with other parents, she learned that after paying league fees, purchasing expensive equipment was not possible for some parents. Susan decided to start a lending closet, where parents could donate their child’s outgrown equipment and it could be recycled to other players.

Touch All For Logo

In 2014, with the support of her husband, Susan left a career in marketing and Touch All 4 was born. Her goal is that any child in Central Florida who wishes to play baseball is not denied the opportunity because of lack of funding.Susan says the best part of her new career is the ability to set her own goals and, of course, spending her free time at the ballpark.Working with a limited budget, Susan discovered Wave three months ago in the App Store while looking for accounting software. She finds Wave incredibly easy to use, and loves our mobile apps when she’s on the go. Susan also loves that she has the ability to process a credit card if someone offers a donation. Wave has been the perfect fit for Touch All 4!

Our Runner-Up Winners

Our first runner-up prize winner was Danielle of CrossFit Affiliate.

In June 2013, Danielle’s dream of opening a CrossFit gym came true, and CrossFit Affiliate was born. Danielle’s favorite thing about running a business is being her own boss, and being able to make her own rules and have ownership of everything.

Danielle headshot

After finding Wave through a Google search, she signed up immediately. Danielle loves that Wave is free and organizes all of her accounting for her. She finds that taxes are now easy, and she has all of her income and expenses in one location. Her favorite wave feature is invoicing. Danielle says, “it’s so easy to send invoices to my clients when their memberships are due, and they can even pay online. Thanks so much for making Wave user friendly and free!”

Our next runner-up winner was Ted of Wonderland Graphics.

Ted Wonderland Graphics

Registered in 1997, Wonderland Graphics, signalled Ted’s transition from full-time graphic design work to full-time photographer. In the same year, Ted became an accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Ontario. For the last 15 years, Ted has focused on weddings, specializing in Portraits, Events and Destination Weddings. Ted’s favourite thing about running his own business is dealing directly with clients, and getting to wear all the hats (sales, photography, retouching and now, Wave). What Ted loves about Wave is that it’s easy to find what he needs and very easy to get help when he needs it. Being cloud-based means that, finally, Ted can easily do his accounting on his Mac. He’s finally said goodbye to paper-based bookkeeping.

Will you win the prize this March?

You could win up to $500!How to enter:

  1. Create an invoice with “Wave” as the customer name, and “” as the email address. Call your product “Contest entry” and set your price for $250.
  2. Send the invoice.
  3. Turn on Payments by Wave so we can pay the invoice if you’re our winner this month.
  4. Double your prize! Like us on Facebook. Then, include a link to your Facebook profile in the memo field of your invoice. If your invoice is chosen as the winner, we’ll make the prize $500!

That’s it — you’re entered. Good luck!Contest terms & conditions.

By Sara Rosenfeld

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