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October 26, 2018
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We believe that entrepreneurs are capable of just about anything. That includes doing all their accounting with complete confidence, and we’ve designed our solution with that in mind.

However, we know that you didn’t start your business to focus on accounting, and that some entrepreneurs prefer a little bit of help along the way. That’s why we’ve created Wave Plus.

What is Wave Advisors?

Wave Advisors offers additional paid services to help entrepreneurs with their accounting. These services are completely optional, and are not required to get the full functionality of the Wave experience.

What services does Wave Advisors offer?

Wave Advisors offers both Accounting Coaching and Bookkeeping.

Accounting Coaching: An in-house expert will help guide you through accounting in Wave, and teach you how to do it going forward with our best practices. You’ll come away with peace of mind that your bookkeeping will scale with your business.

Bookkeeping: Our in-house team will do all your monthly bookkeeping for you, to take that extra weight off and let you focus on running your business. We’ll keep you in the loop with a monthly call so you can make valuable and informed decisions.

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Who is Wave Advisors for?

Accounting Coaching is fantastic for entrepreneurs who either want an expert to help them set up their accounting from the start, or are looking for an expert to advise them on what they’re already doing. It’s also perfect for customers who are migrating from another accounting platform and want to make sure that they’re moving into Wave with 100% confidence.

Bookkeeping is for entrepreneurs who would rather have a dedicated professional manage all their monthly bookkeeping tasks, like categorization and reconciliation. Our bookkeepers are all in-house and can collaborate with your accountant, help you catch up on previous months, and organize all your financial statements.

This is a particularly good option for small businesses that are scaling quickly, entrepreneurs who need some assistance catching up, or businesses that need help for tax time.

How do I learn more?

Schedule a free 20-minute consultation over the phone with our in-house experts now.

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By Max Schreiter - Marketing Automation Manager

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