How has your relationship to money changed since having a business?

September 27, 2015
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This week we’re featuring guest blog posts from the Collaborich Conference, taking place September 30 to October 2, 2015. This is the third post in the “Financially Free Entrepreneur” series.

So far we’ve covered getting started in business and investing. Today in our series our fearless entrepreneurs talk about the big enchilada. The thing we are all hoping to attract: Money! Take a peek inside the world of radically successful online entrepreneurs and #collaborich speakers, and how they FEEL about money, which actually has a big impact on their business.

—Stephanie, a.k.a. The Millionista Mentor, founder of The Collaborich Conference.

“I miss it. Ha! Seriously, you have to embrace reality as a small business owner that you are in sales and finance. We enter the arena with passion and creativity, but can only stay in that arena with organization, appropriate budgeting and conscientious investing/purchasing. We are very conservative with our spending and long-term minded when it comes to our investments. Having a healthy understanding that we are investing today in the money we’ll make tomorrow helps keep us motivated, which is especially important during those first growth years when “profit” doesn’t always end up in your pocketbook, but more likely goes right back into the business.” —Katy Blevins, The Modern Femme Movement

“I LOVE money and money is just a form of energy. I use to have a love/hate relationship with money and I was in $45K worth of debt because I had no relationship with money. Today I am debt free and have a great relationship. I want to make as much money as possible not only to live the life that I desire but also to give back to the world and make a huge impact to help others and leave a legacy for the next generation to come.” —Kelly Lynn Adams, Business & Life Coach

“Well first off I have a lot more than I ever had in my entire life. Which for me was a little scary in the beginning. I had a ton of fear around being able to sustain my income level long term. However instead of ignoring my fears (like I used too), I pay attention to them. I face them head on. The moment that I started doing this those fears started to bubble up less often. I also have a really tight relationship with my money. I pay attention to what comes and goes, where before I never really cared to look at my bank account.” —Maria Hinton, Prosperity Coach

“Ha! Such a wonderfully reflective question that I recently gave much thought on. It’s changed greatly. I have a deeper and more genuine appreciation for money realizing it’s not guaranteed like it was when I was an employee. It’s also made me understand the pressures previous bosses and mentors went through knowing they had to make enough profit to pay me, a burden I didn’t understand at the time and am more grateful for now.”—Stephanie Melish, Sales Strategist

“It’s done a complete 180! I previously worked at a corporate job, so my income was limited. Sure I could earn a 3% raise every year, but in the grand scheme of things, still very limited regardless of the work I did or the results I got for the company. When running my own business, my income is limitless (as long as I’m scaling up properly). I love knowing that I get to reap the rewards of getting results.

I also paid off $45,000 in debt in the first 6 months of my business – unlike most business owners who go into debt when opening up shop, I wanted to pay off all my debt before leaving my corporate job. I started my business on the side and within 6 months, I was able to quit that corporate job and go full-time as an entrepreneur – debt free!

Financial freedom was important to me and starting my own business allowed me to create that for myself and my family. Money is not my highest goal, but it’s an incredible tool to allow me to serve others around the world to the best of my ability!” —Adrienne Dorison, Success Strategist & Money Mentor

“My relationship with money has changed dramatically since I started my business. My beliefs about money and it’s purpose has changed as well. I believe that money is a tool that can be used for good. I’ve learned how to use money wisely to better my life, my family’s life and the life of others. When you change the way you understand and use money then you can manifest more of it. Whenever I spend money I like to remind myself that there’s plenty more money that is meant to come back to me. I believe that being in business has taught me to have a positive relationship with money.” —Fabiola Giordani, Branding Consultant

“I used to have a really horrible money story. In fact, it was so bad, I just ignored it. I have very early memories of being rich and having money being a bad thing. That it was something you should hide, even if you worked really hard for it. I had to do a lot of work around these old stories and beliefs to really make the kind of money that I wanted. I had no idea I was blocking my success by believing these things about money, the way I was taught by my parents. Once I was able to shift my mindset around, the flood gates opened and I never looked back.” —Jenn Scalia, Business + Visibility Coach

“Oh man, before we started our business, I was so frivolous with money. I would spend whatever I wanted. I had debt. I had no real appreciation for it.

These days? I view money as a vehicle to help us grow our business in an even bigger way. That money allows us to invest in our team, and allows us to help more people in a bigger way….with a sweet little vacation thrown in here and there! *wink *” —Jill Stanton, co-founder of Screw the Nine to Five

“Drastically! When I first started my business, my relationship with money was heavily laden with a guilt. I didn’t believe I could make money doing what I love. However, I soon proved to myself money is always available, especially when there is passion behind your actions.” —Juliet Turlaski, Personal Development Thought Leader

“I used to think that money was to be saved for retirement. And spent on living. Now I see as an investment. If I can invest it then I can make it back and grow my business. That means I can have a greater impact on the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in putting money aside for emergencies and retirement. It’s just that it’s also become a tool to leverage in the NOW rather than later.” —Nathalie Guerin, Law of Attraction Specialist

Nothing beats investing in yourself, and if it’s free, even better for your accounting!

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By Sara Rosenfeld

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