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September 24, 2018
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We’ve been on an amazing journey—especially ramping up over the last year—of making Wave the best it can be for small business owners. We’ve introduced new products and services, and updated others with new features, all in an effort to create a financial services platform that makes it easier to be successful as a small business owner.

The title ‘accounting software’ just doesn’t capture what Wave is anymore. We’re using the best engineering, design, and machine learning to make it easier for entrepreneurs to be successful. Today Wave improves your cash flow, gets you paid faster, saves you time, and helps you understand your business.

That’s why we decided to rebrand Wave.

It wasn’t an easy task trying to find the right way to bring Wave to life. We asked ourselves a lot of hard questions and worked on streamlining our focus into a clear purpose. We spoke to our customers—and small business owners working at Wave—to learn more about the challenges and emotions they face every day. We did research and tested different approaches, trying to find one that truly felt right for Wave.

The insight we kept coming back to was that the key to success as an entrepreneur is overcoming the struggle between believing in what you’re doing and the self-doubt that creeps in. That’s something we get. Wave started as seven people, sitting around a fold-out table, trying to figure out how to bring financial sophistication to even the smallest businesses, for free. Taking the company to where it is today—over 180 Wavers on two floors in downtown Toronto—meant a lot of ups and downs.

We were inspired by that idea of overcoming self-doubt, and it led us to focus our new brand around one word: believe. We believe in brave entrepreneurs. We believe in what they’re doing—driving the economy, innovating, creating jobs—and we believe in what we’re doing at Wave to help them succeed.

All the work we did to make Wave amazing was done so that small business owners could feel confident in their business finances. When doubt creeps in, knowledge becomes power. Making your invoices look professional is power. Getting paid in two days instead of 30 is power. Filing your taxes correctly is power. Managing your cash flow and being prepared for the slow season is power. Knowing that Wave will point out your blind spots so you won’t make a mistake is power.

Our rebrand represents a new Wave that’s been built to help small business owners believe in themselves as much as we believe in them. It’s something we’re proud to We’re excited to announce that we’ve rebranded Wave! Our new look and feel brings to life our evolution from a free accounting software to a full-service financial services platform, and our focus on supporting brave entrepreneurs. have accomplished, and that we’re excited to share with you.

Visit our new rebrand site to go behind the scenes and learn what goes into a building a brand. We’ve got the whole story there, plus details on new products and services that will help you run your business better.

By Kirk Simpson

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