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June 5, 2019
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Chalking up visually stunning artwork around the world, the team at We Talk Chalk is no stranger to travel. This network of street artists is constantly globe-trotting and needed an accounting tool that could keep up with their fast-paced schedule. The artists were looking for a simple, portable and affordable tool that they could use anywhere, anytime.

Chalk it up to Wave

Founded in January 2012 by Remco Van Latum, Melanie Stimmell Van Latum and Julie Kirk Purcell, We Talk Chalk is home to a roster of international, multi-talented artists who have become masters, or “Maestri” in the realm of street art. Professional chalk artists are very few and far between, making the team at We Talk Chalk particularly special. While they operate primarily in the U.S., We Talk Chalk has created works in Europe, Canada, Asia and even the Middle East.

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Before & After

Remco Van Latum, We Talk Chalk’s Director of Marketing says, “Before we started using Wave, the application we used for our accounting was not very user-friendly. The interface was awful and just wasn’t appealing to us at all. We’re creative minds and basically hate accounting, but with Wave, it’s easy. We enjoy the simple layout of the dashboard, especially after a few clients have paid their invoices!”

With Wave, We Talk Chalk has an easy-to-use system to categorize their expenses, file invoices, and run their business better. These artists want to spend their time creating, not crunching accounting numbers or endlessly updating financial records.

“We love creating beautiful images and we don’t like accounting. The fact that we can connect our business bank account, import all of our transactions and categorize them is perfect! The invoicing section lets us invoice a client from our hotel or even from the plane when we are flying back from a trip overseas.”

With Wave, the three creative masterminds behind We Talk Chalk have the time to get back to what they’d really like to be doing.

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By Rob Maurin

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