Congrats to our 100 dollar invoice contest winners!

July 9, 2014
5 minutes read

In June, we brought back our $100 invoice contest, where we paid the $100 invoices of three lucky winners. If you entered our contest last month, don’t forget to delete the invoice now, so your accounting stays accurate and up to date.

Now on to our lucky winners:

First, we have Christifer from Tallented Computer Services. He runs an IT based business that focuses on doctors and the medical industry. They do everything from lining out desktops to fixing nuclear imaging devices – pretty neat, right?

Tallented Computer Services logo

Christifer was all set up with another accounting app, but over the past month he’d found them to been buggy, with lots of crashes. He did a bit of searching, and found Wave, but tried to stick it out with the service he already knew. A few weeks later, he found himself with invoices that were out of whack, and he knew he had to find another solution.

He went on a hunt. At about 3 in the morning, he found Wave in his bookmarks — “I can’t believe I didn’t implement sooner! (Insert palm to face here)”

Now, we’re his go-to invoicing and payments platform. And Christifer couldn’t be happier, “So far Wave has helped me (with 0$ cost on my end) to collect money I would have had to wait months on receiving. The “Pay Now by C.C.” was simple to setup and the integration with Stripe is perfect and fast!”

Our next contest winner was JJ from Thunder Bay Construction. JJ has been in business for almost four years, focused on home repairs and remodeling. Following in the footsteps of his family business, JJ finds this business so rewarding because he gets to see the results of what he’s done, and it’s work he can take pride in.

JJ from Thunder Bay Constructions headshot

JJ has been with Wave for two years now, after spending his first year battling a cluttered shoebox full of receipts. He remembers how it used to be, “I’d lose things, it was super disorganized. Wave is so much more organized, everything is clean, and I don’t have to worry about keeping track of everything. It does it all for me. I don’t have time to do paperwork since I’m on jobsites all the time, so it really helps that Wave covers the full package.”

Thunder Bay Construction logo

JJ has been set up with Wave for both invoicing and payments for a while, and loves how his customers “get the email and they can pay it right from there.”

Our last contest winner is Savannah from Savvy Shopper Central, and we look forward to telling you about her business soon.

Now on to the question on everyone’s mind — Is this contest coming back for July? Stay tuned to find out!

By Sara Rosenfeld

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