Five ways to make your office more environmentally sustainable

April 9, 2012
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This post by guest blogger Jimmy Mavroudis appears as part of our series Small Business 500.

In today’s competitive environment, offering the best product at the best price isn’t always a clear recipe for success. To do some good and help your company stand out against the competition, try going green!

1. Compromise is OK

Believe it or not, those of us in the office stationery industry strive for a paperless office environment. However, it isn’t always possible when you’re dealing with customers and suppliers who still work with paper invoices, orders, etc.

When you have to use paper, choose recycled paper or paper that has come from sustainably managed forests. Paper’s the easiest material to recycle and all paper products have clear environmental labeling, so you’d be hard-pressed to find an excuse not to.

2. Sit on it

Sustainable doesn’t just have to apply to the tools you use. Keep yourself and your employees refreshed all day by filling the office with ergonomic chairs. The back rest on your office chair should allow the spinal column to follow its natural ‘S’ shape. The chair’s height should be just below the knee cap when standing. This allows the feet to sit firmly on the floor when seated.

A comfortable chair will also last longer, cutting out unnecessary environmental waste and financial costs.

3. Make green partnerships

Green partnerships are an easy way to go green with little effort on your part. When looking for an office supply company, look for a company with an efficient transport network that’s been optimized to make fewer journeys with fewer miles driven and therefore less CO2 emissions.

When a delivery is made, all waste, plastic, paper or pallets should be picked up and returned on the same vehicle. The fleet should be maintained to the highest standard to keep it running efficiently. An ongoing investment by the distributor in efficient vehicles will further reduce their impact on the environment.

4. Green initiatives in the office

Every office should have a recycling system in place. Turning off lights and computers will make a huge difference in saving energy and lowering costs.

Consider car pooling for your staff. By sharing a ride, you save gas, money and reduce auto emissions. Pollution, traffic, parking and road maintenance are all reduced.

5. Bring actual green stuff into your office

Invest in some plants. They reduce the level of CO2 in the atmosphere and make for a better working environment. Avoid flowering plants to make things easier for coworkers with pollen allergies.

Jimmy Mavroudis headshot

Jimmy is the owner of Officey, one of the UK’s most competitive green office product suppliers. He is also a freelance spatial designer/art director with experience in film, television and theater design. In the past, Jimmy has worked with Warner Brothers, British Sky Broadcasting, NBC Network and BBC Television.


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