22 / 2014

Payments by Wave Walk through

Want to see Payments by Wave in action? Check out our newest video for a full walk through, on both what you and your customer will experience as you accept online credit card payments with Wave! ^Sara


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21 / 2014

3 considerations for hiring a nanny

Hiring a nanny for your family is an important decision, and there are a lot of factors to consider when you are interviewing a potential Mary or Harry Poppins. We’ve compiled a spoonful of things to consider to make sure you have the best nanny experience possible. 

1. Salary

Nannies are professionals, and need to be treated accordingly. Having an open and honest salary discussion from the outset is necessary to crafting a good and lasting relationship with your nanny. You’ll need to take some factors into account when deciding salary range, including the experience of the nanny, the number of children he/she will be responsible for, non-monetary benefits (room and board, etc.), additional responsibilities, and the education level of the nanny. Nanny salaries can range quite a bit when it comes to these factors, so determine your budget beforehand and choose to interview candidates who match your expectations. 

2. Non monetary benefits

Many nannies receive non-monetary benefits, such as room and board, use of a car, or a gym membership. These benefits should be part of the compensation conversation, and you can take them into account when you are deciding on your salary budget for your nanny. Note that if you are providing room and board for your nanny, you still must adhere to minimum wage laws in your province or state. 

3. Payroll

As a paid employee of your household, you will need to comply with payroll regulation for your province or state when paying your nanny. Wave has an easy and inexpensive payroll software to help you out, keep you compliant with the regulations in your area, and ensure you are safe at tax time! If you are providing a non-monetary benefit like room and board, you can track that in Wave as a taxable benefit — which will ensure that your nanny is compliant with your province or state income tax regulation. 

Good luck in your search for the perfect nanny, and if you have any questions about Payroll you can reach out anytime to our magical support team at questions.waveapps.com! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, right?

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15 / 2014

Notice Regarding Yahoo Email Addresses

Due to a recent change at Yahoo, any invoices, reminders or receipts sent through Wave have likely not been delivered.

What happened

On Friday April 4th, Yahoo made a change to its systems that had an unintended consequence: Emails from @Yahoo addresses, sent via a third-party service like Wave, were being flagged by Yahoo in a way that prevented them from getting to their destination.


The Wave team is currently investigating this, and we hope to have a solution in place in the near future. As we investigate, we're using emails and in-app notifications to contact all customers who may be impacted by this. While we investigate this, we recommend you change your primary email address from a Yahoo email to an alternate email, and re-send any invoices, reminders or receipt of payments you sent since April 4th.

Changing your email address in Wave

To update your primary email address, log in to your Wave account, and select Account, then Your profile in the top right corner. From here, select Credentials from the options on the left. Then, scroll down and select Add an email address. You'll then receive an email to verify that this new email address is yours. Once the email address has been verified, go back to the credentials page and select the star that will appear next to the new email address. This will set your new email address as your primary email. Once this is complete, re-send any invoices, receipts or reminders that you had sent to your customers since April 4.

We apologize sincerely for the inconvenience caused by this.

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15 / 2014

Payroll Design Series: Part three

You may have noticed that Payroll by Wave looks a bit nicer today, and that’s because we’ve made some further (good looking) improvements to the application. Our most recent changes were made as a result of some great customer feedback. 

Pay stubs

We get a lot of questions from employers about pay stubs, and specifically how to generate individual PDFs for their employees. Until last week, we had an employee portal option, but no way for employers to generate individual PDFs for their own use. You can now export PDFs individually, making the process of tracking employee pay even easier! To generate single pay stub PDFs simply select the download button on the right side of the pay stub that you’d like to export to PDF.

Exporting data

The second change we made sounds less exciting, but I promise, it’s awesome. 

Accountants have been asking us to make our data exports more detailed, so we did just that. Our .CSV payroll reports now contain more information on your payroll, so you (or your accountant) can get the right data, faster.

We'll continue to keep you updated with all of the exciting improvements coming for Payroll. If you have any feedback about these changes, please feel free to reach out to Sarah at sstockdale@waveapps.com! 

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14 / 2014

Heartbleed update

This is an update to an earlier blog post about the Heartbleed bug.

tl;dr – Wave was not compromised by Heartbleed and neither were our critical technology partners.

As promised, here's an update on the Heartbleed bug and what we've been up to in response to it.

As soon as the Heartbleed bug was announced, we knew and reported immediately that Wave's systems were not directly vulnerable. More specifically, the version of OpenSSL used by Wave was not a version that was subject to the Heartbleed bug.

Next step: Confirm with our critical partners whether they had been impacted — in other words, find out if Wave was indirectly vulnerable. Happily, we can report that our hosting provider was not vulnerable to the bug, and our bank data partners report no problems as well. 

After that, out of an overabundance of caution, we compiled a massive list of every service we use, and made sure that all of them were safe to use again. And we changed all our passwords, across our entire organization. 

For any company that couldn't provide the right assurances that they were safe to use, we have suspended their use pending their further actions. Fret not, this has no impact on Wave customers: The only companies in this bucket are tools for administrative use, like meeting planning or screen sharing.

What should YOU do?

You're reading this blog post about Heartbleed, so we're off to a good start. In my last post I suggested you follow an action plan similar to what we did:

  1. Think of all the services you use online (the size of this list may surprise you by the time you're finished).
  2. Systematically go through each one and verify if they were affected or not. 
  3. If they were affected, verify that they've fixed the vulnerability and then change your passwords. 

Most sites that were impacted by Heartbleed are reaching out to their users to tell them to change their passwords. If you haven't received something from a company, don't be afraid of reaching out proactively. The person best suited to protecting you is you. (Also, I hear you're pretty good at preventing forest fires.)

Are you done, then? No! I strongly recommend that you be extra diligent over the coming months. Watch out for phishing emails saying things like, “Hey Jim, I forgot to pay you back for that thing I bought — send me your bank credentials so that I can wire you some money.” If you get messages that ask for or talk about your money and you're not sure about the source, treat it with caution. For example, your bank wouldn't actually send you to a site like TD.passwordreset.12312312343.cn.com to change your credentials. If you're resetting a password, make sure you see the https in front of a URL you recognize. If you're following links from one page to another, verify that you actually ended up where you were headed, not a page that just looks like it.

In closing:

You'll hear this from time to time: Here at Wave we take security very seriously. That's not a canned response. We mean it. Part of our commitment is being open and honest, even when the news isn't great. For many of you, your business is your life. We understand that, we respect it, and we'll continue to treat events like these as life-threatening.

Finishing where I started, though: I'll reiterate that Wave and our critical technology partners were not affected by the Heartbleed bug.

So you can...

keep calm

(a little accounting humor to lighten up a dry subject)

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