Wave and Microsoft announce partnership

May 7, 2018

Invoices from Wave will accept payment directly in Outlook

At this week’s Microsoft BUILD developer conference, Microsoft will roll out its newest payment innovation, with Toronto’s Wave (waveapps.com) among a select group of launch partners.

The new Microsoft Outlook capability lets users make payments without ever leaving their inbox or having to pull out their credit card. The innovation partnership with Wave means that invoices sent by small businesses using Wave can be paid right when they’re received in Outlook. That ensues a simple payment experience for users of Outlook, and helps small businesses improve their cash flow.

Soon, hundreds of millions of Outlook customers will be able to pay invoices from right inside their inbox, with just a few clicks.

“We are pleased that Wave will offer the capability of payments in Outlook for our mutual customers in the coming months. Payments in Outlook with Microsoft Pay provides a frictionless payment experience,” said Mike Ammerlaan, Director, Product Marketing Ecosystem, Microsoft Corp.

The innovation aligns with one of Wave’s primary mandates: to help entrepreneurs manage their cash flow and get paid faster.

“When we see a way to help Wave customers improve their cash flow and provide their customers with a better payment experience, we jump on it,” said Les Whiting, SVP of Financial Services at Wave. “If an invoice recipient needs to open an invoice in a second application and then complete a payment form with their preferred payment card, the chances increase that they’ll defer the payment until some later ‘more convenient’ moment. It doesn’t sound like a ton of work, but it’s friction, and consumers are increasingly looking for simpler ways to make payments. With this innovation, recipients of invoices sent through Wave can pay instantly in Outlook, using payment details stored in their Microsoft Pay account, meaning zero friction and a better payment experience.”

With Microsoft’s elegant functionality, Wave was able to integrate with Outlook and Microsoft Pay in just a few weeks. The Outlook integration will roll out gradually for select Wave customers, with a broad launch coming later this summer.

About Wave: Wave is an award-winning financial management software company that is changing how entrepreneurs make money, move money and track money. Wave provides solutions that empower small business owners to simplify their finances while giving them more confidence to run their businesses. The company has millions of customers and tracks more than $330 billion through its accounting, invoicing, payroll, recurring billing, and payments products.

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