Introducing Wave Payroll

February 1, 2012
5 minutes read

Allow me to introduce to you (drum roll, please…)!

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While the original Wave developers have been focused on making a faster, better accounting application, we brought on an additional team, lead by Sean Walberg, to work on a payroll solution for small businesses. And today, we’re all proud parents, happily announcing the newest member of the Wave family.

Wave Payroll is a ridiculously easy, feature-rich payroll software for small businesses. And if you’re already a Wave Accounting customer, you’ll definitely see the family resemblance:

  • we took something hard and made it easy
  • we took something expensive and made it affordable
  • we took business tools used by big companies, and re-built them for small businesses like yours

In small business accounting, your enemies are shoeboxes of receipts, spreadsheets and clunky software. That’s where your pain comes from, so that’s where Wave Accounting comes to the rescue.

When it comes to payroll, the enemies are payroll calculators, government forms, check-writing and stress-inducing, time-sucking calculations and remittances. So now that’s where Wave Payroll comes to the rescue. Focused on small businesses with 9 employees or less, we’ve built an awesome payroll tool that you can use without being a payroll expert — a tool that lets you pay your employees with confidence.

Wave Payroll is only for Canadian businesses at the moment. Expect the U.S. version to launch later this year (you can visit Payroll page now and add your name to the advance list).

Huge features, tiny flat-rate pricing

Wave Payroll costs a simple $3 per employee per payroll (and even less as your company grows). Simple as that. No setup charges, no hidden costs. And what you get is a pretty awesome list of features:

  • direct deposit
  • all your calculations done easily and correctly
  • withholdings and remittances to the government done automatically
  • tax forms and ROEs issued automatically (for the 2012 tax year)
  • electronic employee pay stubs
  • easy integration with Wave Accounting

…and a lot more.

The Wave team — accounting and payroll — is committed to helping you run your business. We want to make back-office tasks easy, so you can focus on what you do best. We’ll keep on working on Wave Accounting and Wave Payroll, making them better, adding features, and making your life easier. I encourage you to check out Wave Payroll and let me know what you think!

By Justin Arsenault

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