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May 30, 2011
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Paul Smith is the self-proclaimed “green Swiss army knife.” His company, GreenSmith Consulting, has been generating buzz around green businesses since 2007. How does he do this exactly?, “It’s simple: I create interest in, conversations around, and business for green (and greening) companies via social media.” An experienced blogger and influencer on Twitter, Paul knows how to get companies noticed.

Green and Smith are like two peas in a pod. Not only does he work with sustainable businesses, he enjoys a sustainable lifestyle, too. By his own admission, he’s currently having a love affair with someone other than his wife: his bicycle. “I ride it every day, whether to work, meandering about Portland to indulge my wanderlust, or challenging myself to set land speed records racing my wife home from the grocery store, she in her car.” Who wins? Paul, of course!

Paul’s primary clients are consumer product companies. Through already-established networks, Paul is able to reach the right people to get the best results. It doesn’t hurt either that Paul has extensive knowledge in green business education which helps him build better and more eco-friendly businesses.

Before and After Wave

Before Wave, I would rather have trained a pack of Chihuahuas to be my Iditarod race team than do my accounting.

How did your accounting and bookkeeping look before Wave?

“I mostly ignored it/procrastinated, until I had to get things together for taxes. And in general, I’d leave it to my wife to track the day-to-day finances. Now, I’m telling you, user interface is everything – I found myself preferring to go onto Wave rather than my online banking interface!”

How does your accounting and bookkeeping look now?

“Squeaky clean! But seriously, I’m feeling lots more relaxed about it, between a system that capably manages both business and personal, a Wave staff that clearly cares about me having a good experience, things are looking good for 2011 onwards.”

Money Saved:

“Probably $150.”

And the best part?

“When I saw that Wave automatically updates account transactions every night, that was just a smile-producing clincher for me.”

Company Info

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GreenSmith Consulting!/greensmith

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