Leadership team

Kirk Simpson
Co-founder & CEO
Paul Marshall
Chief Operating Officer
Les Whiting
Chief Financial Services Officer
Ashira Gobrin
Chief People Officer
Ideshini Naidoo
Chief Technology Officer
David Axler
VP, Strategy & Business Development
Michael DiBernardo
VP, Engineering
Tam Khuu
VP, Finance
Josh Siegal
VP, Organizational Effectiveness
Sara Durning
Senior Director, Design
Andrew Ratcliff
Senior Director, Finance
Vivek Balasubramanian
Director, Growth
Gita Ashar
Director, Accounting Products
Jeremy Black
Director, Banking Products
Mark Bluvshtein
Director, Business Operations
Sarah Bugeja
Director, Demand Generation
Joseph Chan
Director, IT and Facilities
Angie Dobbs
Director, Fraud and Risk
Kevin Dang
Director, Data and Analytics
Andrew Hull
Director, Engineering
Amanda Kwok
Director, Customer Success
Maggie Lau
Director, Finance
Ben Rajabi
Director, Product Management
Dennis Woo
Director, Financial Services Operations
Joseph Pierri
Principal Engineer



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