Kirk Simpson, CEO & Co-founder

Kirk Simpson

CEO & Co-founder

Paul Marshall, COO

Paul Marshall


Ashira Gobrin, VP of People & Culture

Ashira Gobrin

SVP, People & Culture

Les Whiting, SVP, Financial Services

Les Whiting

SVP, Financial Services

Indeshini Naidoo, SVP, Information Technology

Indeshini Naidoo

SVP, Information Technology

Mani Fazeli, SVP, Product

Mani Fazeli

SVP, Product

Peter Carrescia, SVP, Strategy & Corporate Development

Peter Carrescia

SVP, Strategy & Corporate Development

Rebecca Skvorc, SVP, Finance

Rebecca Skvorc

SVP, Finance

Ash Christopher, VP, Technology

Ash Christopher

VP, Technology

Michael DiBernardo, Director, Engineering

Michael DiBernardo

VP, Engineering

Tam Khuu, VP, Finance

Tam Khuu

VP, Finance

Rob Maurin, VP, Communications

Rob Maurin

VP, Communications

Andrew Ratcliff, Senior Director, Finance

Andrew Ratcliff

Senior Director, Finance

David Axler, Director, Growth and Business Developmen

David Axler

Director, Growth and Business Development

Fabricio Avila, Director, Organizational Effectiveness

Fabricio Avila

Director, Organizational Effectiveness

Mark Bluvstein, Director, Business Operations

Mark Bluvstein

Director, Business Operations

Joseph Chan, Director, IT and Facilities

Joseph Chan

Director, IT and Facilities

Angie Dobbs, Director, Fraud and Risk

Angie Dobbs

Director, Fraud and Risk

Paul Clark, Director, Customer Success

Paul Clark

Director, Customer Success

Kevin Dang, Director, Business Intelligence

Kevin Dang

Director, Business Intelligence

Jona Georgiou, Director, Payments

Jona Georgiou

Director, Payments

Jim Graham, Director, Engineering

Jim Graham

Director, Engineering

Andrew Hull, Director, Engineering

Andrew Hull

Director, Engineering

William Harford, Director, Engineering

William Harford

Director, Engineering

Dieter Limeback, Director, Design

Dieter Limeback

Director, Design

Grace Marquez, Director, Marketing Creative

Grace Marquez

Director, Marketing Creative

Brian Masson, Information Security Officer

Brian Masson

Information Security Officer

Jasmine Roswell, Director, People & Culture

Jasmine Roswell

Director, People & Culture

Craig Schultz, Director, Operations Engineering

Craig Schultz

Director, Operations Engineering


Composed of some of the smartest minds in North America —165 and growing— the Wave team is innovative, diverse, driven, and incredibly talented. They're also some of the nicest, most interesting, creative, and inspiring people around.

Abbas Ali Abbas Ali
Alejandro Gonzalez Alejandro Gonzalez
Alex Tucker Alex Tucker
Amy Mamtura Amy Mamtura
Andrew Ferguson Andrew Ferguson
Andy Chiang Andy Chiang
Anthony Ng Anthony Ng
Arpit Guglani Arpit Guglani
Artur Shinkevich Artur Shinkevich
Arya Iranpour Arya Iranpour
Barnard Steyn Barnard Steyn
Ben Rajabi Ben Rajabi
Bob Hamilton Bob Hamilton
Brittany Bolton-Gearhart Brittany Bolton-Gearhart
Bryn Knox Bryn Knox
Can Zhang Can Zhang
Charlotte Hamilton-Warr Charlotte Hamilton-Warr
Chloe Ellick Chloe Ellick
Chris Timpano Chris Timpano
Christopher Emms Christopher Emms
Conan Li Conan Li
Cynthia Fuoco Cynthia Fuoco
Dale Beesley Dale Beesley
Dan Green Dan Green
Daniel Marco Daniel Marco
David Axler David Axler
David Hoffman David Hoffman
Devon Jones Devon Jones
Dina Goldshtein Dina Goldshtein
Douglas Anderson Douglas Anderson
Edmund Lavado Edmund Lavado
Ehab Dahdouli Ehab Dahdouli
Elyse Heenan Elyse Heenan
Emmanuel Ballerini Emmanuel Ballerini
Eric Webster Eric Webster
Erica Pisani Erica Pisani
Evandro Lima Evandro Lima
Fahad Junejo Fahad Junejo
Filipe Salgado Filipe Salgado
Fred Sakr Fred Sakr
Frederic Gingras Frederic Gingras
Gabe Tomescu Gabe Tomescu
Geoff Agnew Geoff Agnew
George Lautenschlager George Lautenschlager
Greg Caskie Greg Caskie
Jaclyne Ooi Jaclyne Ooi
James Hudson James Hudson
James Jee James Jee
Jennifer Clarke Jennifer Clarke
Joey Cowan Joey Cowan
Joseph Chan Joseph Chan
Joseph Kahn Joseph Kahn
Justin Arsenault Justin Arsenault
Kat Torangeau Kat Torangeau
Katie Larson Katie Larson
Katie Silkina Katie Silkina
Krista Gerard Krista Gerard
Kristin Knapp Kristin Knapp
Lalitha Bhaskara Lalitha Bhaskara
Leika van Emmerik Leika van Emmerik
Leon Chen Leon Chen
Levon Tamrazov Levon Tamrazov
Lucas Kim Lucas Kim
Lucy Dilts Lucy Dilts
Marcos Moitas Marcos Moitas
Mark Bluvshtein Mark Bluvshtein
Mark Harvey Mark Harvey
Mateusz Bocian Mateusz Bocian
Matt Winston Matt Winston
Matthew Montreuil Matthew Montreuil
Max Schreiter Max Schreiter
Megan Brown Megan Brown
Megan Myke Megan Myke
Michael Warkentin Michael Warkentin
Michelle Acton Michelle Acton
Mike Cowan Mike Cowan
Mike Mason Mike Mason
Mike Wang Mike Wang
Ming-Wei Lin Ming-Wei Lin
Mitch Gillespie Mitch Gillespie
Mitra Khatibi Mitra Khatibi
Nathan Duthoit Nathan Duthoit
Nick Martinello Nick Martinello
Nick Presta Nick Presta
Nima Tayefeh Nima Tayefeh
Nish Balakrishnan Nish Balakrishnan
Pierre Bedard Pierre Bedard
Rachel Walter Rachel Walter
Rahim Damji Rahim Damji
Rashell Barnett Rashell Barnett
Raymond Sam Raymond Sam
Robert Van Gennip Robert Van Gennip
Robert van Oostrum Robert van Oostrum
Rohaan Rajah Rohaan Rajah
Ryan Ayres Ryan Ayres
Ryan Welch Ryan Welch
Ryan Wilson-Perkin Ryan Wilson-Perkin
Sabina Guroodita Sabina Guroodita
Sabrina Jayabal Sabrina Jayabal
Salma Malik Salma Malik
Sophia Costomiris Sophia Costomiris
Stephen Dutschek Stephen Dutschek
Stephen Tse Stephen Tse
Steven Ingram Steven Ingram
Sugat Mahanti Sugat Mahanti
Suliat Seriki Suliat Seriki
Taha Abbasi Taha Abbasi
Terry Ng Terry Ng
Terry Yanchynskyy Terry Yanchynskyy
Tom Watts Tom Watts
Tyler Kinley Tyler Kinley
Val Tyan Val Tyan
Vince Puzzella Vince Puzzella
Wai Chung Hon Wai Chung Hon
Warren Thorp Warren Thorp
Will Haw Will Haw
Yas Shamat Yas Shamat
Zi Vu Zi Vu
Zuzanna Tabak Zuzanna Tabak