My Voice My Lens

This personal and collective creative journey artfully involves guided ways of ‘seeing’ oneself through a camera lens. A transformative workshop that will uncover sides of yourself that are new, provocative, inspiring, challenging, and exciting.

More than 60 up-and-coming leaders have strengthened their communication and leadership skills through this one-of-a-kind experience.

Katie Silkina

Understanding what makes you—you isn’t a thought out process, or a collection of feedback from those closest to you; it is simply being undeniably true to oneself. Interestingly, for me, this journey ended not with me being a better leader, but with being more open and honest about who I am as a person. Being really vulnerable and sharing yourself with a group of people you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten to know; and then being accepted and challenged on a level you would’ve never have before - that was one powerful experience.

Andy Chiang

The photos were meant for the group to build trust by being open about our vulnerabilities and reveal characteristics that is unknown to ourselves. Looking back at the photos I have taken, this has been an incredible journey about self-discovery. While I hope to continue to inspire others through expressive self-portraits, I am determined to continue to practice the leadership skills I have learned and become a great leader.

Kristin Knapp

Being a good leader isn’t just about being perfectly even-tempered and able to inspire and rally the troops at the right moment. Good leaders model vulnerability by showing and owning their flaws and failures. They teach others that it’s ok to be imperfect, to fail and to not fit a certain mold, by allowing that in themselves. Most importantly, good leaders know how to let others in and build relationships based on trust.

Life at Wave

We can guarantee one thing—you won’t be bored here. Great people. Incredible work. Fun atmosphere. You’ll wish you joined us sooner.