Give smart people a tough problem worth solving, the teams and tools they need to solve it, and amazing things happen.

Passion happens. Pride happens. And great products happen too, attracting millions of customers around the world.

$ 175B in income and expenses tracked
$ 62M in investments
$ 21B in invoices sent annually
2.2M customers
Wave engineers make free software
We're hiring in Toronto Finance software for small businesses We're hiring in Toronto Finance software for small businesses

In 2010, as a scrappy bootstrapped startup, we made our entrance with an industry-changing application: free, easy online accounting software made for small businesses.

From that foundation, we’ve grown to a full suite of award-winning software and services, for small businesses owners and freelancers to manage the money side of their businesses: invoicing, accounting, credit card processing, payroll, receipt scanning, lending and more.

We’ve hand-picked the top talent in engineering, design, data science, customer success and more, to build one of the most exciting Fintech companies anywhere. Based in Toronto’s Leslieville neighborhood, the Wave team is more than 100 people strong and growing fast.

We’re solving problems for small business owners and freelancers on every continent.

We take pride in our accomplishments, in our teamwork, and in the company culture we’ve created together. Learn more about the Wave team, or better yet, join us.