Getting started with

Payroll by Wave for iOS

A payroll tool as mobile as you are.

Payroll by Wave for iOS is easy to use. After just a few minutes going through our Getting Started Guide, you’ll be able to run your payroll, wherever you are.

In this guide you’ll learn how to run your payroll and review past payrolls and pay stubs from the app, as well as how your employees can use the app to view their own pay stubs.

See Mobile Payroll by Wave in action:

If you’re new to Payroll by Wave, get started by setting up your account at /payroll/

Run payroll straight from your phone.

To pay hourly employees, enter each employee’s hours worked for that payroll at

To pay salaried employees, enter each employee's salary at when setting up your account.

Once hourly and salary payment information is captured in Wave, you can go straight to the mobile app to run payroll for your employees.

Two business days before you have to run your payroll, you'll get a push notification reminder. We recommend running your payroll when you receive this notification.

Run Payroll

To pay your employees:

  • You’ll see a preview of your payroll when you sign in. Confirm that the information you see is correct.
  • Tap Run Payroll.
  • Tap Confirm.
  • You’re done! You’ll receive a confirmation notification as soon as the money successfully leaves your account.

See past payrolls and pay stubs right on your phone.

With Payroll by Wave for iOS, you can quickly and easily see details of past payrolls you’ve run.

To view past employee pay stubs:

  • Under History, you’ll see all past payrolls you’ve run with Payroll by Wave.
  • Tap the date you’d like to see. This will display pay stubs for all employees paid during that payroll.
  • Tap any pay stub to view details. Tap again to dismiss the pay stub.

A mobile tool for your employees.

Once you’ve invited your employees to Wave Personal using the Payroll by Wave web app, they’ll be able to see their pay stubs as soon as they’re paid.

After your employees download Payroll by Wave for iOS and sign in, they’ll receive a push notification as soon as they’re paid. NOTE: Push notifications need to be enabled on the employee’s device for this feature to work properly.

  • When an employee opens the app, they’ll see their most recent pay stub at the top.
  • All past pay stubs will be listed below, under History.
  • To view details of a pay stub, employees can tap the date of the pay stub within the list.

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