Getting started with

Invoice by Wave

Take your invoicing to go with Invoice by Wave!

Get started by downloading the Invoice by Wave mobile app from the App Store.

Invoice by Wave is an easy to use, totally integrated way to create professional invoices and accept payments on the go — seamlessly connected with Wave's complete set of web tools, of course!

We’ve also added in some really powerful features, to provide smart, relevant insights, wherever you are.

In this guide, you'll learn just what Invoice by Wave can do - and how to use it!

Create professional invoices right from your iPhone

It's easy to create professional invoices that look great on any device, right from your iPhone!

To get to the invoice list screen from anywhere in the application, tap the menu icon in the top left corner, then tap "Invoices."

invoice creation

To create an invoice, tap the plus icon.

Select or create a customer and a product. Once all of the information you want to include is ready, you can email your customer by tapping Save & Send, or Save the invoice to review it later.

When you have multiple invoices, you can scroll through all of them on the invoice list view.

You can also filter by customer or status, and sort by invoice date or total.

Accept credit cards to get paid quickly and easily

When first creating an invoice, you'll be prompted to accept credit cards with just one tap (this speedy signup is already available in the United States, Canada, and Australia).

Customers in a variety of other regions can accept credit cards too! Simply fill out our quick and easy payment signup form.

credit card payment

When you have payments enabled (turned on), your customers will then be able to pay directly by credit card:

  • In person on your device
  • On the email they receive from you

It's a simple way to grow your business, give your customers more choice, and get paid faster.

Know what's happening with your invoices in real time

Whenever key events happen, you'll see a notification right on your Notifications screen.

There are three events that will trigger a notification:

Paid invoice

paid notification

When a customer makes a payment an invoice (full or partial), you are notified so you can view the payment and send a receipt!

Viewed invoice

Viewed Notification

Know each time a customer has opened and viewed an invoice that you emailed.

Overdue invoice

overdue notification

When an invoice is overdue, you can take action right from your device. Call your customer to follow up, send them an email reminder, or add a payment if you received one.

To dismiss a notification, simply swipe it to either side of the screen.

Real-time insights

Our newest feature, Pulse, lets you know how your business is performing at a glance.

To access Pulse, simply tap the navigation menu icon in the top left corner.

pulse gif

Income & Expenses

Know if you are bringing in more than you are spending over 12 months or 12 weeks.

Invoices coming due

Keep an eye on invoices you having coming due in the next 6 weeks. Get prepared to send any reminders or check in with customers who may end up paying late.

Average days to get paid

Find out how long it takes you to get paid on average. This insight is calculated using the invoice date and the payment date.

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Here are some additional resources to answer any questions you may have about Invoice by Wave:

If you ever need help, get in touch with our Customer Support Heroes. We're here to help!