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Power4Teens + Wave: passion meets productivity

Toronto, Canada • Opened 2014 •

Shyanne McPherson built her successful business, Power4Teens, by blending her passion for health together with her love of working with children. From day one she knew exactly how to get kids pumped up on being active, but, like so many entrepreneurs, some parts of running her business didn’t come quite so easily.

Challenges getting started

When Shyanne was first starting out, it helped that a get-up-and-go attitude was in her blood. She was raised by a very strong, entrepreneurial single mom, who was one of the reasons she wanted to branch out into starting her own business. And it’s a good thing she had the moxie part covered, because, in her own words, from the first month of business she was a “complete disaster, and I also thought I was a know-it-all.”

One of the things she found out that she didn’t exactly know was accounting. She’d started out using Excel spreadsheets to keep track of it, but found it to be a clunky and complicated system that took up a lot of time. She’d come across Wave during her research into how to make things more efficient, and a bunch of her fellow entrepreneurial colleagues recommended the program as well.

After a different online accounting system that housed years’ worth of Shyanne’s data crashed, she realized what she needed was a simple solution that would work with her unique business model as a fitness instructor in the field. She didn’t hesitate to try out the tool her colleagues kept recommending—Wave.

A solution to match a lifestyle

As someone who is constantly running around, keeping active, and running the show herself, Shyanne needed a system that could keep up with her, and Excel spreadsheets weren’t exactly cutting it. Wave, on the other hand, was built to work for a business like hers.

“It was online and had a mobile app option,” Shyanne says. “Because I spend a lot of time being mobile, I needed something where I didn’t have to wait until I got home at the end of the day.”

Shyanne uses Wave’s invoicing and receipt scanning apps to bill her clients and capture her expenses on her phone in real time. Being able to get a bunch of work done right on her phone fits with her busy lifestyle, and she also loves knowing everything flows automatically into her Wave accounting records, so it will be there when she needs it. In particular, being able to keep her information safe and not haul around a bunch of paper has streamlined her business in a major way.

"I absolutely love the Wave invoicing system," McPherson says. "The receipts tool is huge for me, as well, because I'm always buying equipment and different things for the business and I used to lose receipts quite often. Now as soon as I buy something, I take a photo of the receipt right away so it's in my records. Wave has saved my life with that."

She says that Wave probably saves her around 5-10 hours of accounting per week, which might not sound like a ton of time, but when you’re a busy, self-employed business owner, it’s the kind of measure that can feel like having a giant weight lifted off your shoulders.

Growing the business

With her efficient new system, hard-earned knowledge, and steadily growing wealth of experience, these days Shyanne is a seasoned entrepreneur who knows exactly what she’s doing. And the time she’s saving managing the day-to-day logistics of her business can now be spent getting even more kids moving.

“Because I spend a lot of time being mobile, I needed something where I didn’t have to wait until I got home at the end of the day.”

Shyanne McPherson, Power4Teens

She could never have gotten to that spot without her one-of-a-kind energy, and she’s proud of herself for continuing to fight the good fight as a small business owner going head-to-head with big competition.

“I’m proud of myself and what I’ve accomplished over the years,” Shyanne says. “When I start to feel the pressure or doubt myself, I remember all the children I’ve been able to reach, make smile, or change their lives for the better. I sometimes run into children I’ve worked with in the past and they tell me they still remember my two simple rules—to always smile and have fun! I would have never thought something so simple could make an impact.”

Working toward a dream

Power4Teens works all over the Greater Toronto Area with schools and organizations, inspiring hundreds of kids to get off the couch and showing them that fitness can be really, truly fun, and have a huge impact not only on their bodies but their minds. And with Shyanne behind the wheel, it will continue to do just that. Her dream for the company is a simple one:

“To change what fitness means to children—it’s a lifestyle, not a chore,” Shyanne says. “Power4Teens will continue to inspire and show more and more children how fun and simple fitness can be. We will continue to create a positive, empowered environment for children of all abilities around the city of Toronto!”

Shyanne loves:


Create and send unlimited, professional invoices from home, the office, or on the go.


Connect your bank accounts, balance your books, and be ready for tax time.


Snap a photo of your receipt using Wave’s smartphone app and find later in your account.