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Go automatic with recurring billing for your repeat customers and get back to doing the work you love. Join the hundreds of thousands of small business owners who use recurring invoices every month to bill their customers.

How it works

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Save time with recurring payments

You do great work, and getting paid for it shouldn't take up all your time. Schedule automatic credit card billing for your repeat customers instead of chasing payments. Easily switch between automatic and manual billing whenever you want. When the feature is off, we send the invoice for you. When it’s on, we send your customer a convenient email receipt.

You do great work, and getting paid for it shouldn't take up all your time. Schedule automatic credit card payments for your repeat customers instead of chasing payments. Easily switch between automatic and manual billing whenever you want. When the feature is off, we send the invoice for you. When it’s on, we send your customer a convenient email receipt.

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Automatically send recurring invoices with total flexibility

Meet the most flexible scheduling tool available. Fully customize your invoices for any day of the week, month or year and with any frequency. Add your customer’s time zone to their invoice so they’ll get it during their business hours and you’ll get paid faster.

Create professional invoices

Build beautiful invoices that will impress your customers. Choose from three simple templates and easily tailor your invoices with drag-and-drop editing and customized notes. The preview feature lets you see how it looks in real time.

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Focus on what matters most

Effortlessly review the status of your invoices to see who’s paid and who hasn’t. Take action quickly on items that need your attention. Save time tracking your payments so you can get back to work.

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Wave = Love. I never knew what I was missing before I tried Wave Payments. Chasing money and doing the books is awful. With Wave Payments, business is fun again.
Omar Ochoa, Valpak of Greater Houston

Who needs recurring billing?

Going automatic with your customer billing is a helpful, time-saving option for businesses with repeat customers, like the ones listed here.

  • IT specialists & Web Hosting Providers
  • Nannies & Homecare Providers
  • Web Developers
  • Personal Trainers
  • Dog Walkers
  • Music Teachers
  • Or anyone with repeat customers


Get paid faster with automatic payments
  • Schedule payment receipts for processed payments
  • Allow saved payment methods
  • Choose preferred payment method
Save time with recurring invoices
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Time zone control
  • Turn recurring on and off
  • Turn off recurring without deleting your invoice
  • Schedule automated payment reminders
  • Choose automatic or manual send option
Design invoices your customers will love
  • Add your logo and brand colors
  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Create once and duplicate
  • Change sender or add recipients
  • Add custom messages
Fix errors faster with the recurring payments list page
  • “Needs Attention” tab clearly displays errors and actions
  • Filter by invoice status for easier viewing
  • Hover over an invoice to view details on the main page
  • See all invoices created on a recurring schedule
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Start using automatic payments.


Watch our webinar and learn how to spend less time on customer billing and create a predictable, recurring revenue stream for your small business.

Part One
The recurring business model
(starting at 3:40)

  1. What is the recurring business model?
  2. What is recurring revenue?
  3. How does recurring billing work?
  4. Examples of recurring models
  5. The benefits for your customers and your business

Part Two
Recurring invoicing with Wave
(starting at 23:57)

  1. Get started with payments for Wave
  2. How to set up recurring billing
  3. Awesome features available in your Wave account

Frequently Asked Questions

When you create a recurring invoice and choose to use automatic payments, you will be prompted to enter your customer's credit card details. Once you do, this information will be stored securely on our system for billing each time the invoice generates, until the schedule is completed. For a more detailed explanation of how automatic payments work please see our guide.

When you schedule recurring invoices with automatic payments turned on, not only do you present a more professional image to your customer by ensuring that they are billed on schedule every time, you help to ensure that your cash flow is reliable and steady, and cut down on the manual work that you have to do as your business and client base grow.

With recurring invoices, you can use automatic payments—save your customer's credit card information once during invoice create, and they will be billed each time an invoice generates. If you prefer, you can instead use manual payments, where your customer pays the invoice manually each time they receive it, or you can securely save their card information and process the payment on your end each time. For more information, please see Payments details and our Guide to Payments by Wave.

No! When you create a recurring invoice, you can automate your payments and customize the schedule according to when you'd like your invoices to be generated. If you or your customer would like to make changes, you can choose to end the recurring schedule at any time.

Yes, during the Recurring Invoice Create process, you will be able to choose between Automatic or Manual Payments for this recurring invoice schedule. If you choose Manual Payments, you or your customer will be required to manually enter credit card information once the invoice has generated each time.

Navigate to Sales > Recurring Invoices in your left menu. Click on Create Recurring Invoice to get started. On this page, you will be able to confirm your business details, enter your invoice details and customer information, set the Schedule, choose your preferred Payment Style, and save or send your invoice. For more information, please see our Guide to Recurring Invoices, and our Recurring Invoice status reference.

We understand that it's important for your invoice to both be professional and to reflect your brand. To customize your invoicewrrqvzaevvydqdvbbcetbyubseuyuzqdzws, you can head to Settings > Invoice Customization in the left navigation menu to adjust your Template, Logo, Accent Color, Payment Terms, and Columns. You can also customize your layout on the fly during the invoice create process, using our drag and drop interface.

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