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Wave builds smart tools to simplify your finances and give you the power to take your business anywhere.

We believe in brave entrepreneurs

We’re on an amazing journey to build products and services that help you run your business better, save you time, and give you deeper insight into your business’ performance. We know that every day you face a struggle between believing in what you’re doing and the self-doubt that creeps in.

We bring—and will continue to bring—the best in engineering, design, and machine learning to make Wave the financial services platform that can help your small business succeed. Wave has a full suite of products, services and tools that work together seamlessly to simplify your business finances and help keep you focused on what matters most.

Our latest innovations

Better, faster, stronger bookkeeping

Wave has always led the industry with easy-to-use, free accounting software that’s powerful enough to make your accountant happy at tax time. Now we’ve made it even better with a refreshed interface and new, time-saving features that we’ve been rolling out over the past few months.

Here are just a few of the awesome things you can expect:

Robust cash basis accounting
You now have the flexibility of viewing your business’ performance on a cash basis, and seeing how much actual cash you have in any given period.

Multi-line transactions
Complicated transactions, made simple—just what you’d expect from Wave!

All your bookkeeping in one place
Manage transfers, splits, invoice and bill payments in one dynamic panel, so that nothing gets lost in the process! We’ll also guide you down the simplest path, with zero technical jargon, so that you can confidently get the job done in the fastest way possible.

Deeper insights for your business

The new accounting platform doesn’t end there—our latest updates will help you understand your business inside and out with powerful insights and many more improvements including:

  • Period-over-period comparison reports to see your performance over time
  • The easiest account reconciliation around
  • Powerful filters, including search by description
  • Blazing speed: 2.5x faster load times on transactions and reports

And this is just the beginning—the improvements we’ve made to our accounting platform mean we’ll be delivering new capabilities in your hands faster than ever before.

Introducing instant bookkeeping

We’re investing in cutting-edge ways to use machine learning to improve your day-to-day tasks with insight-based products that learn and automate tedious actions.

You can see this at work with new automatic categorization on your bookkeeping transactions. Wave now learns from your categorization preferences and applies it to future transactions, helping to save you time so that you can focus on running your business.

Automatic categorization is the first step in our journey to make accounting invisible with powerful machine learning capabilities that will improve the way you use Wave in the months and years to come.

Automated workflows using Zapier

We’re dedicated to helping you streamline your business workflows, especially when this involves moving data between the tools you use the most.

Zapier can help you automate a huge range of tasks, such as invoicing for time you’ve tracked and adding customers to your email marketing list, just to name a few! And we’re happy to announce that you can now use Zapier to record your sales directly to your bookkeeping records in Wave from e-commerce tools like Shopify and Square.

With a library of over 1,100 online applications, Zapier is the first of many API based integrations we will be building to help automate more of your daily tasks in Wave.

Fast-tracked bank payment processing

We get it—one of the most important factors contributing to your cash flow is getting paid on time. Last year, we introduced bank payments as an affordable option for you to get paid online. While most financial institutions take about 5-7 days to process your transaction, we’re happy to announce that Wave customers can expect their transactions to be processed in less than half the time.

Today, 80% of all bank payments through Wave are processed within two business days.

More online payment options

We built Checkout as an easy way for you to sell to many customers, invoice-free, right from your website or social media accounts. You can now create a professional, branded Checkout page in minutes, then add the link to your site and sell online—no plug-in necessary. Best of all, your sales information will automatically flow into your accounting records in Wave, saving you time and helping you stay on top of your bookkeeping.

Checkout is just one of the many ways we’re helping you improve the sales experience for your customers.

Revamped direct deposit for payroll

We’ve rebuilt our direct deposit engine from the ground up and cut out all the middlemen to provide you the service you deserve. We’re dedicated to helping you sleep at night knowing your employees will get paid on time and without issue. You now have full visibility into the status of every withdrawal and deposit. And in the rare case of an error in the banking system, we’ll prompt you with the exact steps you can take to resolve the issue.

Our investments in financial services will always be centered around your needs, and you’ll be able to use your direct deposit account to make new types of payments in the near future.

Pay independent contractors

We understand that a lot of small businesses prefer to hire contractors over full-time employees because of the flexibility they give you. Starting this October, Payroll by Wave will support paying both employees and independent contractors. Choose between fixed and hourly pay, and take advantage of our convenient direct deposit service.

Pay your contractors easily through Wave and our system will automatically generate the required 1099 forms. If you’re in a state where we offer tax services, we’ll also file these forms with federal and state departments on your behalf to help keep you compliant with employment laws.

It’s now easier than ever before to run payroll, accurately and efficiently, for your employees and contractors.

Building a foundation for the future

We’ve spent the last year planting the seeds that will help us continue launching new products and tools to support your business in the future. We believe the tools you use to run your business should fit who you are. You’re not an accountant—but that shouldn’t get in the way of your confidence. Best of all, we’ll continue to offer our innovative software to all entrepreneurs for free, so that every small business has the opportunity to succeed.

Here are just some of the exciting new projects on the horizon for Wave:

App integrations

We will integrate with the apps and productivity tools you love beyond Zapier, so that Wave can work seamlessly with how you run your business. We’re investing in building a lot of new partnerships and direct integrations for the future, while making our APIs publicly available so that developers can build on top of Wave—stay tuned!

Collaborator permissions

You can’t do everything yourself, but you also need to have control over how much business and financial data is visible to your employees and collaborators. We’re building more robust collaborator permissions so you can have full control over the access you grant inside Wave.

Take Wave everywhere

We’ve got good news for anyone running a business on the go. We’re putting serious effort and investment into making Wave mobile, by centralizing everything into one mobile app that’s as powerful as our desktop version.

Centralized banking

The beauty of Wave is how all the different pieces seamlessly work together. We’re taking this one step further with centralized banking so that your financial accounts and balances are accessible from one place within Wave.

Sales tools

The lifeblood of every business is revenue. That’s why you’ll see us invest heavily in helping you get paid with revamped invoicing and estimates, customer management, and payment processing tools.

Cash flow management

We understand cash flow is key to running a small business. Expect to see products from Wave that help you manage the peaks and valleys with far greater sophistication.

We’re excited to take you on this journey, as we continue to automate tedious and complex financial tasks by making them invisible, while giving you the insights and tools you need to grow your small business.

Experience our latest products and see our new brand in action!