Inspired by entrepreneurs

These five things shape what we do every day

Building for small business owners
Wave is built for the self-starters who follow their passion—for the caterers, consultants, cafe owners, writers, builders, tutors and trainers, who pour in the time, heart, and effort towards turning big ideas into a successful business.
Removing barriers to success
Cost should never be a barrier to properly running your business. Too many small businesses fail because of poor financial management and we want to help change this. That’s why our core software is free, and always will be.
Bringing software and banking services together
Small businesses are more successful when their finances are managed in a single system that can move and track their money faster and more efficiently. We’re embedding more banking services into Wave to improve your cash flow—so that you can get paid, access your money faster, pay others more efficiently, and smooth out your ups and downs.
Reinvesting in our products
We are relentlessly unsatisfied with the status quo and obsessively work to raise the bar on industry standards. It’s in our DNA to continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible, so that we can introduce innovative solutions that better anticipate your needs and make managing your finances easier.
Celebrating successes
Throughout your journey you’ll hit some amazing milestones: maybe you’ve hired your first team, introduced a new product, or received your first glowing review. Whatever that is, we’ll proudly stand behind you and celebrate your success.
We’re on a mission to empower entrepreneurs
We believe in their journey and their ability to change the world.