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Wave + Etsy = Easy

Your Etsy sales appear automatically in Wave, so you’re always organized and up to date.

Easy means easy

Wave is easy to use. No need for a business degree, or any background in accounting at all. We created Wave so non-accountants could still do their accounting!

Free means free

Wave is always free. We don’t trick you with free trials, free sign ups or freemium accounts that do the bare minimum. Sign up for free. Use the software for free. Access all the features for free. Get the whole kit and caboodle, FREE!


"We just started using Wave yesterday, and already I am loving it. The fact that it is free is a plus, but the interface is very easy to use and I appreciate the report options and being able to export them to PDF or Excel. I thank you for your program, and will continue to use it above Quickbooks and Peachtree for its simplicity and design."

Luke Morgan, ShirtLabs

And that’s just the beginning! Join the millions of small business owners all over the world who trust Wave.

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