Our rocket fuel

We’re on a journey of a lifetime to the red planet, and time is of the essence. These are the levers that will help ensure we achieve our dream.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We have some of the best and brightest talent in the industry. One thing we all have in common: entrepreneurial spirit. It flows through our bones and embodies everything we do, and we believe it is the key to understanding and empowering the small business owners who use Wave.

We think like entrepreneurs.
We act like entrepreneurs.
We are passionate like entrepreneurs.

Create the best workplace

We have created an unparalleled environment for Wavers that energizes and inspires all of us to solve hard problems and deliver an awesome experience for our customers.

We are committed to building an inclusive culture in everything we do. We embrace our differences, value individuality, and respect the broad spectrum of skills and abilities of every Waver.

Discrimination, harassment or disrespect causing discomfort of any kind is not welcome here.

Be a highly effective team

We are masters of our craft and challenge ourselves (and each other) to do things that have never been done before. Man-on-the-moon kind of things.

If you’re a Waver, you’re darn good at what you do. You carry your weight, you ask for help when you need it and you offer help when someone else does. That’s how we roll.

Wavers are people who inspire others and are driven to make everyone else around them better.

We are run by a hierarchy of great ideas, not by hierarchy of status or power.

From our leadership

No preamble required, we’ll just be direct and candid about the way we work and what we need from you to work together effectively.

Open doors, open minds
We do our best to make sure we’re available to everyone, and listen to all ideas until the best one wins (even if it’s not our own).

We believe in sharing openly wherever possible. And when it comes to change, we will communicate and transition with care.

We’re honoured you chose to work here and we want you to feel valued. Salaries are reviewed regularly and if there are gaps, we will close those as fast as we can.

Growth is our fuel
Growing people, ourselves, and the business. Innovation is constant which means change is also constant. We understand that this type of environment and culture isn’t the right fit for everyone.

We are all leaders
We hold everyone accountable to our strategy and culture, and we encourage Wavers to put their hands up and say “I want to help fix this” if there’s ever a misalignment on our vision or values.

We believe in empowering ourselves.

We do our best work and steer each other in the right direction when needed.

What the future holds