Our values help us stay grounded

Wavers are a world-class team that’s part of a growing company with a strong brand and reputation backed by our core values. These values help us stay focused on helping small businesses, supporting one another, and succeeding as a team.

We hold ourselves and each other accountable to these every day.

Feel the burden of the brave entrepreneur

Customer empathy is at our core. It’s embedded in everything we do. We are obsessively devoted to championing the needs of brave entrepreneurs and we take risks so our customers can navigate their own risks a little easier.

Purposefully focus

We dig to find the root of a problem, then dig deeper to find a way to solve it. We seek to define the undefined and see crazy hard problems as an opportunity to innovate not as an obstacle to success.

Move with urgency as one

One team, one Wave, focused on one customer. We move with urgency as one unified team building one unified product to solve the needs of brave entrepreneurs.

Take ownership

We constantly improve our knowledge and the technical aspects of our system. We are masters of our domain. We support our colleagues and find competition outside of our walls, not within.

Act with uncompromising integrity

We are Wavers wherever we are. Authentic, genuine, all the time. We believe curiosity is learning through questions, not answers and we believe in answering questions with experiments.

Provoke greatness

We embrace change as an opportunity, constantly adapting ourselves to achieve new heights through the transformation of the status quo into something innovative.

Deliver with excellence

We are relentless in solving problems and overcoming obstacles. We are vigilant—never complacent. We continually learn and share our knowledge. We may fall down but we never settle for anything less than the very best.

Achieve extraordinary results

When we achieve extraordinary results, so will our customers. Whatever we are working on, we go all in. We work hard and celebrate hard because extraordinary feels amazing and is highly contagious.

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Be true to our values

We see every interaction and touchpoint with our customers as an opportunity to empower, support, and inspire. By following our core values we are able to accomplish this and more:

  • Elevate the professionalism of small businesses;
  • Provide secure financing and payroll experiences;
  • Improve features quickly to make managing finances easier; and
  • Simplify the lives of millions around the world.

How do we work together?

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